2 in 1 – Flat Stomach & Round Booty Home Workout

2 in 1 – Flat Stomach & Round Booty Home Workout

This 15-minute 2-in-1 video will help you get rid of unwanted fat in your belly and increase the size of our butt together! This is an effective way to work out both parts of the body where we normally feel insecure about.

In just 15 minutes a day, you will be doing simple body-weight exercises that work both your abdominal muscles and your lower body area resulting in more calories burned. Lose the fat get that flat stomach and round bottom, just in time for summer!

You can do this video alone at home or you can do it with a workout buddy. A friend who’s also excited to get in great physique so you can flaunt your summer-perfect body together!

You can do this workout everyday to see the results. Good luck and let’s begin the workout! !💪❤️


  1. Started yesterday and I feel great and since I have experience with these type of exercises , it’s way much easier! 😁😁

  2. Been doing it for a month now .
    For anybody who wonders, It WORKS 🎉
    Just be consistent with your workout schedule!

  3. Very really effective workout…. I try it 2 months …. Vera level … Morning and evening start my workout… Thank you….

  4. 12 high knee jacks
    10 side bends
    20 scissors kicks
    10 reverse crunches
    14 fire hydrant
    14 donkey kicks
    14 bridge
    20 heel touches
    14 russian twist
    12 squats
    10 lunges
    12 cross crunches
    12 sec plank

  5. Started this workout May 1st alongside water therapy and lemon water juice 😂

    It’s being good

    Pls what cardio exercise can I add to this

  6. I am now 60kg my target is 39kg so now I had completed day 1

    Day 1-back pain
    Day 2- no changes still back pain
    Day 3- little bit leg pain
    Day 4-no back pain
    Day 5-back pain
    Day 6-leg pain

  7. Wow, I don’t even recognize Myself anymore, Your Workouts Has Been Helping Alot ! Thank You 💗💗

  8. I am about to start this so i can have my summer bodyyy and i will come back and lets see if this works

  9. I repeat ! The way that you eat plays a big part too if you’ll see results or not. You can’t just eat a whole bunch of carbs or junk food and then do this workout and expect to see results fast . You have to eat right too and watch your calories a day and do the workout in order to see results !

  10. Can it reduce my Fupa on the lower part cus have been using your routine for years now and it really worked alot

  11. 1st day: This workout felt pretty easy but I hope I can be consitent 2nd day: today I felt a little burn in my lower belly I think that’s a good sign!

  12. I have 17 days doing this exercise, they say im big on the upper body from waíst ,belly to arms and slim on the lower body 😅 dip hips I dont know how possible is it ??

  13. I’ve done this workout for 1 week and damn does it work!!
    (I Did use a waist trainer so idk if it made the work effect more noticeable and faster)
    Although it isn’t a long time but it had such a great effect!
    (It made my butt have a nicer shape to it and made my stomach flat just like the video said it would!)
    Imma do the workout for a full month I’ll upload ya’ll !

  14. It was the second day of workout and can feel the pain…. If you can help us with the diet also that would be great

  15. Weight loss ke lioye planet ayurveda se Guggul medicines he use kar shkte ho becoause ye natural hoti hai or body pr kpi side effective v nhi hota hai

  16. Hello Roberta, is it okay to do this everyday? O r every other day..
    Thank you for your reply

  17. Im trying to keep track of my progress here with this workout!! I’ll update when i notice differences!!
    Day 1: ✅ it was tough but I did it

    Day 2: ✅ my thighs are sore but I feel stronger

    Day 3:

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