3 Nutritional Habits for 2022

3 Nutritional Habits for 2022

In this video I cover my 3 Nutritional Habits for 2022 Health & Fitness Goals (plus 1 bonus recommendation for over-achievers!).

For those that have a combination of both aesthetic goals (fat loss, muscle gain, etc) and physical health goals (rehab or prevent an injury), here are my top 3 recommendations (watch the video for a more thorough explanation and suggestions):

1) Eat More Servings of a Variety of True Veggies- We’ve heard this since we were kids, but to clarify I don’t mean more tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms (those nightshades are NOT veggies), and I don’t mean just more servings of a few of our go-to veggies.

2) Intermittent Fast- Simply put, reducing the window in which we eat our first calories of the day to the last calories to 10 hours or less. We can eat the same amount of food as we normally would, just over a shorter period of time. This works wonders for energy levels, weight loss, and more!

3) Get Your Amino Acids In- There are a hundred different supplements that can help with food cravings, blood sugar, the immune system, mental cognition, etc, etc… BUT the one that I recommend the most for tissue repair (from injuries or workouts) is EAA (essential amino acids) NOT just BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids).

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