3 things in nutrition Layne changed his views on | Peter Attia, M.D. w/ Layne Norton, Ph.D.

3 things in nutrition Layne changed his views on | Peter Attia, M.D. w/ Layne Norton, Ph.D.

This clip is from podcast # 235 ‒ Training principles for mass and strength, changing views on nutrition, creatine supplementation, and more | Layne Norton, Ph.D.

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  1. I really like Layne Norton. But If Layne decreased the massive amount of protein he consumes and increased his healthy veggies, he would not have to take statins, and also eliminate his brain fog.

  2. Hey moron, you break the fast with a protein shake. Why is the point of fasting if you are just going to have a protein shake? That isn’t a fast then. What about giving your digestive system a break, regardless of autophagy?

  3. So, what is worse? Perhaps risking your chances of heart disease by eating a high fat and low carb diet or eating a high fat and low carb diet and going from obese to normal weight, high blood pressure to normal blood pressure, pre-diabetes/diabetes, to no diabetes, from sleep apenia to no sleep apenia.

  4. Is possible to ingest (and absorb) enough protein in 2 meals a day to build muscle?

    I like the idea of working out fasted in the morning, eating a big breakfast, and then fasting during the day until dinner.

    But skipping lunch doesn’t appear to be frequently recommended.

  5. BUT LDL only penetrates endothelium if there is injury and weak collagen junctions due to insufficient collagen amino acid cofactors and trace minerals absorption that keep proper endothelial health.

    Also, blood viscosity is a big determinant if there is potential damage inside endothelial walls which will signal ldl to repair damage. If you have healthy blood (optimal blood pressure) that should not be a problem. Many arterial blockages happen on brachial junctures, which would explain why thick blood damages interior endothelial at the junctures and how important having optimal blood pressure and elastic endothelial walls health is.

    There ARE limitations to Mendelian randomizations, there are not perfect (no adjusted estimate of the relationship between the phenotype of interest and the disease outcome which in turn creates a vulnerability to selection bias).

  6. Can you make a video on cholesterol and dietary nutritional cholesterol and how to lower LDL and triglycerides and talk about statins? If you haven’t already thanks

  7. Intermittent Fasting never worked for me for restriction. I would always just end up eating more calories because I was so hungry I would binge. Tracking Calories and Macros has been my best tool. It just helps me so much to see what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and how many carbs, proteins, and fats I’m getting per day. It annoys people around me that I have to spend 5-10 extra minutes logging meals, but it has been so consistent for me.

  8. I can’t believe some health "experts" still worry about fats in the diet and increased risk factors. Fats, especially from animals, are not inflammatory, which is the main driver of risk factors for cardio events, disease or cancer etc. Some seed oils can become inflammatory from the processing. The only fats which are essential (we can’t make them) are the polyunsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 types. Olive oil has no benefit other than from its polyphenols, the Omega 7 and 9 etc are not needed at all. The same applies to saturated or unsaturated fats, we can easily live without them, but they are not harmful whatsoever.

  9. Now I’m curious and going to research how these guys get their protein while being mindful of saturated fat intake. Lots of protein shakes? Lean meats?

  10. 5:17 what the hell are y’all talking about, the Canyon tribe it’s nothing but milk blood and cholesterol and some natural plant material they don’t have heart disease from cholesterol, the Inuit are eating almost nothing but well meat and blubber, seal meat and blubber they don’t have heart disease, it’s saturated fat mixed with refined carbohydrates over a lifetime, toxic seed oils are the problem not natural cholesterol with other natural foods .

  11. I just can’t listen to this guy anymore. He sways in the wind based on flawed studies. There are many more reliable and common sense people to listen to. Cholesterol is a "scam" and has been for 60 years. The best studies show ZERO relationship with cholesterol and longevity. ZERO.

  12. wow he takes a statin and he’s being asked nutritional advice?
    its truly the blind leading the blind.

  13. 6:04 the endothelium getting saturated fat in it is not because of the saturated fat it’s the type of saturated fat, what is carried with etc. etc. it’s not just eating the saturated fat, you guys are not talking about these flawed studies in the right way you’re completely misleading people, eating a hamburger is totally different than eating a hamburger on a bun with toxic seed oil mayonnaise . This is why I’m not gonna subscribe to your show you’re not intellectual enough to look at the details and the new wants and break everything down .

  14. Wow. I consume only fatty red meat, my LDL is consistently in the upper 200s and every time I get a CAC test it comes back zero. Why is there so much concern about serum cholesterol levels to such a level people are willing to go on statins before ever looking to see if the cholesterol is actually doing anything bad? Hell, people that go strict carnivore and consume outrageous amounts of saturated fats actually decrease their CAC scores over time. For example, my total cholesterol has been over 300 for more than a decade. I eat roughly 150g fat, primarily white animal fat, per day and my arteries are completely clear. I’ve consumed less than 20g carbs, on average, per day for that time. My experience isn’t unique either.

    Fascinated with this study

    "Higher saturated fat intake was associated with lower risk of stroke (quintile 5 vs quintile 1, HR 0·79 [95% CI 0·64–0·98], ptrend=0·0498). Total fat and saturated and unsaturated fats were not significantly associated with risk of myocardial infarction or cardiovascular disease mortality."


  15. I just lost a bit of respect for Dr Attia having Norton on his podcast. Nortons incompetence is breathtaking.

  16. The reason this long-term data shows that LDL is a risk factor for heart disease is because most people also eat way too many carbohydrates and other inflammatory foods, which cause the Ldl to be a problem. Inflammation in the arteries causes the damage that the LDL tries to repair and glycation because of eating too much sugar makes the LDL too sticky. This is a theory that I’ve read that makes sense to me.

  17. I used to trust Dr. Attia but the I am amazed (in a bad way) that he agrees with Lame Norton. There is no study on LDL that shows cause and effect. All those bs studies are associative at best. So disappointed. Dr. Attia should speak to a real expert like Ben Bikman to hear the truth. I am shocked to hear this nonsense. Lame Norton might try reducing the shit load of carbs he eat to help lower his ldl rather than take a damn statin. Are you shittin me!

  18. I have n t understood why supplementing with BCAAs isn t worthed. Is it that they only make expensive pee?

  19. If you take a statin to lower LDL, does the statin work to remove and reprocess old LDL or does it work to just make less LDL or cholesterol?

  20. Some of these comments, man. Ripping on the PhD and the MD, quotes or refers to chiropractors for "the real truth." Just keep hitting your essential oils and voodoo. Jesus.

  21. Statins do not increase longevity Low triglycerides, high HDL and higher Large LDLs is not a risk factor for heart disease. Looking at LDLs without considering the rest is mind boggling.

  22. Is it ldl particles in general that are bad or their size and the amount of inflammation a person has that’s bad? If there’s little to no inflammation and the particles are large and not oxidized or sticky from not hanging around do they stick to the endothelial wall?

  23. Sorry but I’m sticking with my high fat low carb diet. It makes me feel the best. I’ve tried every diet and this one works for me. So we’ve come full circle on saturated fat from being bad to good to now bad again. Still not convinced anyone of you ‘doctors’ know what you’re talking about.

  24. Great conversation and I am more confused than ever! Been carnivore for 3 years and have never felt better. Read several doctors on LDL and tg/hdl ratio. Oh well, I feel good and I’m sticking with that

  25. Takes a statin to lower LDL in a metabolically healthy body with low inflammation? This is horrendous advice.

  26. Donald Layman PhD University of Illinois retired Peter Attia had him on a podcast. According to Layman’s research 3 G of leucine is needed to initiate muscle mass growth with a total 40G protein for the first meal. For new people doing weight training most effectively taken after the weight training. For experienced weight training when the meal is taking not critical. The total daily protein should be 1.6 G per kilogram of body weight. Ideally 4 protein meals a day. At least three meals. He said if you’re experienced in competitive bodybuilding intermittent fasting is fine.
    Virtually every nutrition expert research and clinical I have heard/read recommends intermittent fasting/time restricted eating 16:8.

    These recommendations vary so much with each expert and change over time. Nutrition diet and Longevity opinions are very fluid.

  27. "I couldn’t hold that position anymore based on the evidence." Ah, such sweet, rarely heard music.

  28. I’ve come to the understanding that cholesterol really becomes an issue if it oxidizes. The whole lipid transport system gets messed up with high intakes of sugar/carb combined with high intakes of refined vegetable oils. Dr. Cate Shanahan discusses this in depth.

  29. 0:44 The danger of high LDL cholesterol and saturated fat
    6:18 The lack of evidence for supplementing with BCAAs
    8:30 Intermittent fasting benefits the average Joe (as long as lots of protein is consumed), but not the body builder

  30. Dude literally used to threaten people that said BCAA didn’t work lol. Anyways i still like Layne. And good job owning it

  31. For much older, mostly vegetarian, long-time type-2 diabetics (insulin dependent) advised NOT to use creatine, how problematic would protein supplementation be. There are 2x/week upper and lower body lifting workouts?

  32. 5:21-5:24 Petard: ”I don’t think we are able to understand”. with ”we” he means everyone else, except himself ironically. Because Petard does ”understand”, he did the calculations people, he has no idea why and no bigger view of why these mechanisms exist, he couldn’t predict why, but the calculations show it.

    It reminds me somewhat of the spinach story. The measurements showed that there were 35mg of iron per 100 gram. Totally out of range compared to other vegetables. If you don’t have any logic, skeptcism, suspicion of authority you may accept this anomaly, but if you are a real critical thinker you want to check and really find out why the fuck would this anomaly exist?

    If these guys were the leader of a country and they found out that there were fire trucks surrounding every fire, they would recommend lowering fire trucks to stop fires. ”Our very complicated statistical analyses showed this, but the normal human mind isn’t able to grasp this, to understand, even the exceptional human mind isn’t able to understand this, this what I’ve found out.”

  33. I like this approach of prioritizing what has the more impact and maybe 16:8 is not that relevant.
    My question is, how do we tap into those 20-30% life increase that roedents have doing Caloric Restriction. Is fasting 30h once a month enough?

  34. I did not hear the effect of fasting on insulin..? If you have insulin resistance (prediabetes) and or postprandial elevated blood sugar. Fasting can really help. I have personally witnessed a 20 lb. weight loss.

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