1. What muscle should be engaged during lunges? Is it the glutes? Because my knees always hurt after

  2. Hi Maddie, many thanks for your brilliant and effective workouts on YouTube. Are you able to provide links to your lower body workouts that include single leg RDL and hip thrusts please. I’m doing two of your lower body workouts on rotation and they do not include these exercises. Thanks in advance!

  3. These are definitely such great exercises, I deeply appreciate all your workout videos👍

  4. Hi Maddie!
    Thanks for these glute exercises.
    I have a question for you, what’s the brand of your shoes? I really like them but couldn’t find them anywhere.

  5. I noticed on the hip thrust that her back is tilting with her as she moves. Hip thrusts are an amazing exercise to engage your glutes but keeping your back level and really engaging just your hips will maximize that glute burn. You want movement from the sternum down. From the sternum up you should be stationary and almost flat. You can achieve this by putting the chair or bench just slightly lower on your back.

  6. That’s not a single leg RDL that’s a B stand RDL. Other than that you look beautiful and so much healthier

  7. Congrats you are almost at seven million keep going your amazing (do not mind my profile picture forgetting to change it and it was trending at the moment 😂)

  8. Love your shoes and whole outfit Maddie! Can you please share where you got them? Thank you

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