I ACTUALLY tried a 6 pack ab stimulator everyday for 2 weeks! The results are SHOCKING!!!!
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Keep in mind! if you truly want a chiseled and strong core, don’t cheat the gains! I tried this ab stimulator just to give you guys some dope content you might be interested in. I bought this my self, so no one paid me to do this. Also, If you’re asking for my opinion, i would rather train my abs and watch what I eat in the kitchen for the optimum midsection!

Further more, do the work! I have plenty Hiit workout videos for you to shred up, and also a lot of no equipment videos to get you started on your muscle gain journey! Exercises range from easy beginner up to advance! Lets gooooooo!


  1. If you work hard, naturally? You wouldn’t need to buy an electronic ab stimulator too build your six-pack. Do it without it.💯

  2. So I fractured my back and can’t work out do you think this could be some kind of substitute that I can do till I’m back to 100% ?

  3. Where did u get yours cause mine doesn’t do much. Mine just takes time. I want 1 really good 2 go up and down meaning I want 1 soIcan really feel it plus mine shuts off automatically.

  4. You can tell it was working by the way he was talking while it was hitting him with them deep contractions

  5. I just wish that instead of this actor, someone who slowly working it out, explain step by step.

  6. It must be a powerful device. It was squeezing your gut so bad it had you talking like Terence Howard. I Gotta get one.

  7. Awesome video. You were clear and concise with the information. Which brand and or model were you using?

  8. You already go to the gym you already muscular what he talking about how does this have anything to do with your muscles

  9. I bought one. After seeing your wife hit the floor 🤣 I’m having second thoughts. I get 😴 tried of working out and people keep feeding me. No baby sitter can’t go to the gym.

  10. Check the advertisements that play before videos on Youtube because I think I saw you in one of them.

  11. It’s best to add Radio Frequency as a partner with the EMS to help tightened the skin.

  12. I love your vids you got a sub and a like from me .And i love the way you take time to reply to people’s comments ❤🔥

  13. You asked on day 14 if we see a difference. I do not recall seeing your abs before day 14 without the stimulator, unless i missed it. So i guess no i dont see a difference. Nice abs tho g.

  14. You’re not ripping apart muscle fibers with it tho?…

    You’re just making your muscles sore

  15. Sorry that things been around for 70 years if it was true everyone be using it there’s no substitute for physical exercise and best it can do is shock therapy for people that need stimulation to the muscles I don’t know if you’re trying to sell it or tell people the honest truth ..I’m not going to finish the video I just want people to know there’s no such thing as slapping a sticker on your chest zapping your muscles with electricity and getting a six-pack laying around your body just does not work that way at all and again if it was that easy this gimmick has been out for 70 + years

  16. I bought the same thing 4 me cause I’m tired of looking at myself with a beer belly even though I don’t go crazy about beer cause I drink responsibly and I want all of the ladies 2 finally pay attention 2 me. I’m gonna start with it n June until Winter comes then I’ll stop or until I get a flat stomach.

  17. I bought this awhile back an used it for a full month after doing sit-ups and didn’t see any results. This is a complete waist of money. If you want actual abs just exercise and run every day. Oh an get rid of all the sugary junk food.

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