Addiction: Why We Can't Fast or Keep a Diet – Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD – Fasting for Survival follow up

Addiction: Why We Can't Fast or Keep a Diet – Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD – Fasting for Survival follow up

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD details why many fasting and diet programs fail because of addiction.

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Pradip Jamnadas, MD, MBBS, FACC, FSCAI, FCCP, FACP
The founder and chairman of The Galen Foundation is a medical graduate of the University College of London, England with post-graduate training at Yale University in Cardiology. He has a successful specialty practice in Orlando, Florida since 1990 and performs interventional procedures and is a consultant cardiologist with a large diversified inpatient and outpatient practice. He has been recognized in Orlando Magazine as Top Doctor in Cardiology for multiple years over the past two decades. He is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine at The Florida State University and University of Central Florida. He is a renowned lecturer and teacher, with a passion for high tech interventions when called for, yet places greater emphasis on prevention measures.

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  1. Thankyou doctor u saved my life. Thankyou for keeping me motivated. I got a new life now i ll embrace it

  2. For some reason, Organic chicken thighs gives me kidney stones. I ate chicken everyday for a long time. Now, even when I eat very little organic chicken, I get stones. SMART is the brand. Does anyone know why this is ?

  3. Great advice, along with many of these docs promoting healthier living. I just wish one was old, but didn’t have grey/balding hair, or need glasses, cos it shows there are still pieces that are missing.

  4. I know all about it. Its the food thats addictive. Its the food industry thats to blame, not us. Putting addictive sugar into everything thats killing more people worldwide than cigarettes.

  5. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEOS ON PCOS/ HS/ LIPODEMA all related and it’s starting to be 1/4 of women!!

    Endocrinologist tells women to take pills all theirs lifes like spironaloctone that has so much side effects. But they don’t have any other advice.

    Thank you for all your videos, it’s eye opening and very very helpful and motivating.

    (Sorry for my English it’s my second language)

  6. I started my extended fasting journey in 2021

    I’ve relapsed but when my body starts feeling inflamed, I go on an extended fast. No more than 5 days because my BMI is already low.

    Lately I’ve been having excruciating knee pain. It’s only been 3 days into my 5 day water fast and I already feel 50% decrease in discomfort.

    I’m 6’2 , 170lbs now!

  7. I watch this entire video while eating fast food, sweets n cakes. He just doesnt understand that some of us addicts just lack will power n cannot stop. I ll stop when i die. 🙄☠️

  8. im watching this with a bottle of honey and a spoon cuz im in my detox/fast from 2 weeks now and i got these bad cravings and i feel misserable and i mis my cake and cookies and i just dont know what to do with myself.. ifeel bad… im sure this honey isnt a good idea neither but i dont know what to do im a real addict…

  9. 10:47 pseudoscience

    15:40 now you’re spewing nonsense.
    All the animals parts are made of plants including oils smh..
    I’m not even continuing hearing this bs

  10. U guys,
    I got fed up with being overweight ❤
    I couldnt hold a diet
    So I tried eating veggies and fruit for 6 months❤
    I lost 30 kg
    But felt weak❤
    I did sth wrong on this diet or my hashimotos played a role in that❤
    I am overweight again❤
    My iron levels dropped at 9❤

  11. you would think common sense. Hopefully Big Pharma & the corn (High fructose) industries pay the price. Like the Tabaco killers.

  12. Drug addictions paired with food.. this is the talk i NEEDED to hear, 20 mins in its already enough fasting motivation already.

  13. I LOVE your passion doctor. ❤Thank you for being passionate about peoples health. Many blessings upon you.

  14. As a muslim ramadan fast makes so much sense now, no decision no craving no thinking about food, just healing and becoming stronger mentally about eating healthy foods when breaking the fast…

  15. I did 16 hours fasting for few months..i lose more than 20 pounds. In 8 hours..i ate breakfast, lunch n dinner. Sometimes, if i don’t get hungry…than only 2 meals..felt good. Have to go back to be healthy ..❤

  16. I like how this man is preaching about diet like a preacher would preach about God. Now, that’s a feeling

  17. I’m addicted to nicotine and fast regularly, and currently on month 4 of dieting with no cheating 👊✋⬇️🎤

  18. I am recovering from a ED and probably shouldn’t be watching this vid. Ive been on board with the no processed foods for years, yet still eating regular eating to support my recovery, weight is still steady and less overall. Very energetic.

  19. I’ve changed im 49 nearly 20 stone. I qasxon the verge of a stroke or heart attack I had no energy I was feeling awful daily and eating so wrong . Now I’ve lost 3 5 stone my facial changes body changes are happening now and I’m on omad walk upto 15 miles a day at work whilst moving upto 7.8 tonnes a day v physical role plus weekend I cam walk upto 9 miles pleasure walking.
    But all whilst fasting. Now im on a 3 day fast and bk to omad

  20. what an annoying personality, horrible speaker, sounds like a guy demonstrating a non-stick pan at Sears in 1975

  21. I’ve been binge eating for no reason, I’ve gain so much weight over the year people make fun of me and my weight, but even with rude comments etc. I still can’t stop eating. And I’m completely full, it is the taste of food I’m addicted too, I want to keep tasting the food even when I’m not hungry. I came across your video right now. And I’m learning I’m a adicta. 😢 I will start off just with fruit for morning and lunch and one regular dinner. I unfortunately can’t fast long time bc I start getting weak and feeling unwell. Maybe with time I can fast better? Or can I do a fruits and veggie fast? Or no. Idk. 😊

  22. We did not evolve we were created by God. Those of us that know that don’t struggle like your speaking of.

  23. I am listening to this while fasting for less than 24hours , ready to cry, ready to go to burger king…. and I won’t …. I’ll hold on … I’m stronger than my addiction.

  24. simple hack…dont buy stuff…make it impossible for yourself to have stuff.
    I hv followed this myself, its a miracle .

  25. This is a great video!

    Anyone who has rushed out on a rainy night for a box of chocolates knows how this feels lol. Americans are addicted to so many things. Sugar, empty entertainment, music, painkillers, pron. The list is long.

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