Cardio vs. strength training: What you need to know

Cardio vs. strength training: What you need to know

Cardio and strength training affect your body differently, and both are essential to your health and well being. Watch this video to learn how.

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  1. Cardio is for internal organs building
    Weight training is for bones joints & external muscles building
    Do both

  2. I figured out that doing cardio prevents me from getting depressed, if I go one day without it bad thoughts start creeping up through my mind.

  3. Short video with clear articulation of what are all cardio and muscle strengthening exercises benifits.
    This is one of the video I came across. These kinds of video need to watch before getting rigorous gym workout.
    Thanks for the video. It cleared my doubts which I had from long back.

  4. Loved this video and I’m glad I came across it today helped a lot my life is slowly improving one day at a time ❤

  5. I’m like 45 kg 5 ‘ 2 barely lol female. Idk I just felt like I should do something cuz of laying around all day if there’s no college. Idk where to start. I walk for 15 min ( from college lol ). Anyone have any tip where I should start, I don’t wanna go to gym without knowing what is what and what I should expect

  6. i do no cardio anymore, just follow a good weight training program watch what i eat and take plenty of rest days , works for me.

  7. i can never find anything for fellas that are naturally skinny and have no appetite/metabolism, and burning alot of calories would be more of a detriment. should i still do strength training?

  8. My relatives almost everyone are obese..and many of them heading to 80 years and non has cancer.😂😂 heartattacks is relevant.. with obese not cancer..

  9. Strength training 2 times a week, cardio 150 minutes a week (if 30 minutes/days it could be 5 times a week). We can workout everyday then?

  10. I can’t do strength training without being super anxious about it. All these gyms always promote the “no judgment zone” but no matter where I go I never feel comfortable. I just wish I could do things without thinking about how I look. Anxiety is so hard.

  11. Just find a steep hill and walk up it every day, and when you get a bit fitter. Run up it. Get some decent trainers with shock absorbing heels

  12. Just started cycling 4 month ago. It makes me exhausted whole day. I slept poor. Breathless. i dont know what happen. Untill i do some weight training weeks ago, i feel like a healthy person again with a lot of anergy. I dont feel tired after long ride. My english good enough?💆

  13. I’ll say do one or the other. Strength training is aim to get lean or bulk either cutting fat putting on muscle or just putting on mass. Cardio just weight loss including fat loss and muscle loss. So whatever your goal is pick one and stick with it. If you still want to do both do one more than the other.

  14. U can be an alcoholic and still be in shape 😂. U just gotta burn all the calories you eat and imply weight training in the same time. Just calculate your daily calorie intake

  15. Strength training can be done with a protocol that works the heart: 1 set per exercise, 2 min of slow reps to muscular failure / 1 minute rests / "big" exercises: leg press, row, chest press . Cardio can’t build strength.

  16. Yeah, but cardio sucks. It’s misery and every second feels like a minute and every minute like an hour.

  17. im skinny. i do weight excercises during lockdown days. i bulked up. then i went cycling/running/hiking. im back to skinny again =(

  18. for me i do a month of strength( with rest days) then do cardio for 2 months( cycling, soccer) my body only likes this routine
    if i do both I’ve always got injured

  19. Whenever I google this again.

    I chose cardio because I got fat during covid. And being gluten made me gain weight since I am nog malnourished anymore.

    At first I tries weights but only 1 kg. But i cant keep up.

    I will focus on cardio now because i love singing and I want to strengthen my weak heart and lungs.

    I could still add weight once a week. 🙂

    I dont go out so getting heavier weights is not an option😅

    Just be consistent with your mini stepper and recover the torn knees and ankle 😊

  20. Tip for beginners like me: Pick a cardio workout you can see yourself doing multiple times a week and won’t burn out on quickly. Moving at all is better than not moving, and eat your protein or you won’t have the energy to keep up with it.

  21. My daily gym routine involves 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio. I have run 3 marathons and a dozen half marathons. I feel like that was the period I gained weight do to carb loading for those long distance runs. I play tennis regularly now. I do need the endurance for the sport. Most guys at the gym I go to are allergic to cardio and have beer bellies.

  22. I been doing cardio for months now by walking 5 days a week and working housekeeping. Now, I’m going to start strength training too. I lost 40-45 pounds already.

  23. For most people aerobic is probably the best to lose fat or burn most calories than cardio which increases you heart rate but aerobic doesn’t. Climbing stairs or climbing treatmill(setting the incline level higher than 10) is the best for calories burning, but really in reality everyone’s body are different. Don’t JUST do cardio/aerobic, also work a little strength train, even though you’re eating enough protein, you might still lose muscle along the process of eating healthy and working out cardio/aerobic and losing weight ≠ losing fat, muscle weigh more than fat with difference in density.

  24. so if I just run and lift weights and cut down calories in a deficit I will tone my upper body cos that I really want

  25. I never liked doing any form of sports for a long time. The reason was, because my cardio fitness level was really really low. At one point I discovered weight training and enjoyed it super much, that I actually build a decent amount of muscle, but still didn’t have any form of cardio fitness. I thought that maybe it’s just not for me. It took a while for me to understand, that I have to specifically train to get better at cardio, just as it is the case with strength training.
    My number one advice for starting as a complete beginner with cardio: Don’t start with running!
    Running is great because you can do it anywhere and with no equipment. But it’s arguably the hardest form of cardio, because it’s difficult to control your speed and because hitting the ground every time, can be quite tiring for your muscles. If you can then rather start riding a bike at a high intensity a few times a week, so that you build up your fitness level and because it might even be more fun. If you start running after you did that, it will be ever so much easier.
    Now, I’ve been doing running, swimming and cycling for quite a while and I can absolutely confirm, that I notice it so much in my day to day life.

  26. 💪 Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. 🏃‍♀️

  27. So weights doesn’t improve lung and heart condition only cardio does? Is this why we find fit healthy muscular blokes drop dead

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