This is one myth that just refuses to die. A layman knows a simple fact that he/she needs to exercise hard and eat well to lose weight. Though this line itself has quite a loose end, we will not get technical about it. The focus is only on a single aspect, that this simple understanding has got quite a lot complicated now, for most people. But one stupid complication which has come out is the exercise and diet ratio.

There are clearly two camps here. The first one is the group that supports exercise and claims it to be the one-in-all, end-in-all concept to a fit body. Then there is the other camp, the now dominating one, i.e. the diet camp, which consists of primarily the dieticians, and some common trainers and people. For them, it’s the diet that matters the most. Worse, they claim that even if you don’t exercise, a good diet will cover it up all.

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  1. Sir I’m diabetec pt and doing a exercise for 45 min to 1 hour daily except 1 day…My weight is reduce 10 kg..How can my weight increase..??Plz sir describe me..

  2. First of all exercise nahi hota sir Training hota hai aur agar aap ka goal fat loss yaga muscle gain hai to Training is more important than diet and rest bas katam 🙏🙏

  3. Finally, someone comes with logical knowledge, relaxed now from this diet and exercise ratio

  4. Totally agree
    Sir as you were in Indian Air force
    You might knew that cadets eat a lot of high carb food but are still able to maintain the body fat. Can you please share the reason behind that?

  5. Actually bahut lambe time Tak India me diet ko importance nahi diya jata tha… They were like muscles grow Krna he to strength training agar weight Kam Krna he to cardio

    Isliye ye diet ko importance dene k liye concept aaya…ki 23 hours aap gym me nh hte to isme me jo aapke khate wo bahut important he

  6. I have a genuine doubt. Research and study are imp. But there are many researches being sponsored by big corporates to further their advertisement. Is it not concerning? How do we determine genuinity, authenticity of a research? Internet democratised info. But has put lot of misinfo indistinguishable from genuine info.

  7. Underrated channel. Sir this world needs people like you. Because many people go through the myths. Honestly speaking i changed my entire diet, sleep pattern and exercise in short my mind after watching your videos. Your 1 video exposes many myths. Hope you read this.

  8. Akshay sir ke channel pe itne km subscriber dekh k dukh hota h…he deserves Million followers ❤️

  9. I think workout is more important than diet and rest 😃 because there are 3 types of diet caloric surplus,calories deficit and maintain calories ab agar workout nahi kar rahe ho aur aap agar kyoi bhi diet follow karoge phir bo diet apka weight gain karegi ya weight loss jo achi bat nahi much gain is good fat loss is good but weight loss weight gain not agar aap workout nahi kar rahe ho maintain calories me raho no problem that’s by i think workout is more important than diet and rest 😃
    40% workout, 35 % diet and 25 % rest 💪

  10. Don’t speak without logic# u proved # great #May! RadhaRani💕 always bless ur every moment #stay healthy forever

  11. Sahi bola sir when i used to play cricket i was lean always….i used to eat lot of carbs and unhealthy food every dday

  12. But I lost 8 kgs without exercise by reducing food intake and skipping dinner.
    He says "there is no scientific study on diet vs exercise". That means only your experience can guide you. I understand that he has a lot of experience in exercise. But he does not have any experience in trying just diet without exercise. Always trust your body. Not youtubers.

    I don’t say "exercise is useless"
    Exercise is very good for maintaing strength, agility and health of internal organs.

    For weight loss, diet is 99%. Exercise has negligible impact for losing weight.

  13. Sir can you make a plan which are nclude both work out and diet for students especially those who are living in hostel.

  14. Gyan batne k liye ap btao to kya routine follow kare diet ka…or konsa workout follow kare..khud ne to bht dole shole bnae..wah…hme b btao…bina kisi ki burai karke…nobdy is perfect not even u…so plz btaye diet everyday🧐

  15. Sir ye toh thik hae lekin actually log gym kar k ghar mein aake phirse oils, fats, basically junk khate hae… Isilia ye bola jata hae ki 80% diet (fuck myth) but isse motivate jarur milta hae humko ki diet karu… Nhi toh only workout kaam nhi karega…. Saab cheej mein khali logic nhi magic hoti hae🙃… #psychology🙏

  16. nowadays people think we should exercise less and eat more…
    But working out like beast breaks ur muscle and gives ur muscle the reason to eat food and grow.. Then sleep gives u the opportunity to repair ur body

  17. 6 ghante ki neend enough he sir ? Ya 7 se 8 ghante ki need leni hi chahiye ? Or jo ham dopahar me adhe ghante ke liye so jaate he to use bhi calculate karna chahiye ?

  18. Mujhe samajh Nahin a raha hai kya sahi hai aur kya galat hai meri syster Ne 30 kg lost Kiya

  19. I am having 6km walk every morning and minimum exercise but 100% strict diet and I m getting satisfactory results.

  20. How much food is require For muscle building What is the concept of calorie surplus And post workout suggestions a diet plan for muscle building

  21. Agar proper diet karu aur din me 2 bar workout chal sakta hai ? Subah ko running sham ko workout

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