Dietary Cholesterol and Inflammation from Abdominal Obesity

Dietary Cholesterol and Inflammation from Abdominal Obesity

The optimal intake of dietary cholesterol may be zero.

Didn’t the Dietary Guidelines remove cholesterol as a nutrient of concern? No, just the opposite: Dietary Guidelines: “Eat as Little Dietary Cholesterol as Possible.” (

Even egg industry-funded studies show the cholesterol we eat raises blood cholesterol levels. Check out Does Dietary Cholesterol (Eggs) Raise Blood Cholesterol? (

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. In my country people eat meat and drink camel milk , but this western chronic conditions are very rare! For tens of thousands years they lived like this. Western diet makes them sick

  2. These are not facts at all. You can find studies to fit any answers you want. High cholesterol has its benefits as well.

  3. after you eat like Dr Greger says for a while you start to feel some kind of way… if you go off the diet a bit you feel some other kind of way the next or the same day – especially if you exercise often ime

  4. I totally agree on the relation of cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. But you always include in your videos single ingredients, as eggs, milk and so on. Sure, they are a source of cholesterol, BUT I don´t think americans eat that simple. I think about meals, dishes. Sure, the egg on a sandwish has cholesterol… but waffles, cake, Starbucks, creamers surely cause much more problem and are way more prevalent.

  5. Wow, that was some informative video.
    It is disgusting what these bis Egg/Dairy/Meat industries do.
    And the destruction of Rainforest and killing (by a hitman) the people living there that no one talks about is the peak of the Iceberg

  6. What has never made sense to me is if cholesterol is a bad actor then why is it required and critical for the body and why would the total cholesterol median value world wide be roughly 225 ml/dl and yet you vegans try to eliminate it largely. Makes more sense that the profit motive by pharma and the low fat diet craze starting in the 80s is driving a now archaic narrative and that narrative being true or not is what the nutricianal aspect of Veganism is predicated upon so you largely dont care because it supports your agenda.
    Anyone with even a modicum of sense can see what habitually consuming ultra processed high glycemic, high fat food made primarily from grain, sugar snd seed oils is damaging our whole food digestive system, because you cant flood the liver habitually with pure fuel sugar and fat and not cause disease and dysfunction. Its this pure fuel then adding animal profucts just compounds the over consumption of calories in general.
    Cholesterol gets blamed just like animal products get blamed because one of cholesterols jobs is repair and so when you habitually damage the linings of the arteries with glucose and high insulin cholesterol has to fix the damage habitually until the artery is plugged. Its why diabetics have far higher odds of heart attacks snd strokes, blindness and amputations just to name a few. Nature designed animal, vegetable and fruit and carnivores constitute 60% of the planets animals and yet you think it was nature that made a mistake and made eating other animals by carnivores and omnivores as the source for disease and yet humans and our pets are the only animals on the planet eating processed grain and oil and the only animals getting metabolically dysfunctional, diseased and obese. It must be the meat 🤣. Why dont you go brush your teeth the animal foods are rotting your mouth not the grain and starch foundation diet

  7. Got to make sure you have lots of fiber to purge your bowels of all that gluttonous sin. Anti fat and anti cholesterol arguments are some the stupidest claims I have ever heard. Hominins have been thriving off animal fats and proteins for millennia and all of a sudden in the last 70 or so years it has become toxic and unhealthy? I don’t think so. The assumption that these things should be replaced by carbs (you have to have energy from either fats or carbs) is also absurd due to the fact that research absolutely links carb intake with metabolic disease and cardio vascular risk. We have clear evidence the dietary culprit of modern day dietary diseases is absolutely carbohydrates, yet fat still gets the blame. The disconnect is astonishing. So the egg industry is lying to you? You sure that is the only industry based in lies? You don’t think other food industries have skin in the game? What about the soy, grain , processed food, and industrial agriculture industries? Next time you see a heart healthy check mark on a box of Cheerios think to yourself, " should I trust an industry that wants me to believe that highly processed and refined grains with added sugar and preservatives are healthy for my heart, but this egg is bad for it?" I suppose they must have consumed so much fiber they have purged the ability to manipulate and lie from their bowels.

  8. A lot of nonsense in this video. What makes up the bulk of dietary cholesterol is esterified cholesterol (fatty acid + cholesterol), which has to be broken down by lipases from the pancreas before becoming free cholesterol in your intestines. Did you know most free cholesterol in your small intestine comes from the liver, and not from the food. If there’s an excess of free cholesterol in the blood it gets removed through a certain transporter and put back into the lumen of your small intestine where it gets either reabsorbed or goes towards the exit, let me explain.

    How much of free cholesterol is absorbed is dependent on the amount of the receptor ‘Niemann-Pick-c1 Like protein’ (cholesterol influx protein) you have in your lumen, if you have a genetically low amount of these you’ll basically absorb nothing and if you have a high amount you’re a hyperabsorber of free cholesterol and you will probably have heightened cholesterol levels no matter what you eat, because remember what I said, most of that free cholesterol comes from your liver which on average produces 2000mg of cholesterol per day so you will always have plenty regardless of your diet.
    Then there is the ‘ATP binding cassette Transporter G5’ and ‘G8’ which work in the other direction. If they notice you take up too much cholesterol, these transporters will move the surplus of free cholesterol from the blood back into the lumen. It’s again genetic how much of these transporters you have, as you can guess if you have a low amount of these your cholesterol will be high. If you have a high amount of these, you will have a low cholesterol.

    It therefor hardly matters how much dietary cholesterol you take in (unless were talking 10 eggs a day), the amount of HDL/LDL depends on your genes and dietary cholesterol hardly makes an impact in the average person.
    And even then there’s another mechanism where the liver will lower it’s own production of free cholesterol when there’s already a lot of free cholesterol in the bloodstream (negative feedback loop).

    In conclusion; high Nieman-pick-c1 like protein + low atp binding cassette transporter g5/g8, better stay away from dietary cholesterol and congratulations on your statin subscription. For all other people, you can easily eat 5 eggs a day.

  9. Thank you for sharing those facts about the Egg Industry Leaders emailing each other about putting a hit on their plant-based-egg competitor! Astonishing! Just knowing this fact will keep me from wanting to have an egg once in a while.

  10. Your recommendations caused my husband to get Crohn’s disease and for me I lost my period and developed endometriosis. I am not a doctor – but eating a diet of Whole Foods and organic grass fed meats and eggs is the best thing I ever did for my health. Balance is everything and this is coming form someone that was vegan for 8 years following his advice and the advice of other plant based doctors!

  11. Ever since going through my phase of dieting, and discovering plant based, I now consider whole food, plant based, no oil is the only diet for anyone. I just wish I could get a lid on my meat intake..

  12. Damn. This is hugely significant. What’s concerning to me the most, even thought the science is extremely important, is the threats of assassination and they get a mild slap on the wrist. That should be talk worth jail.

  13. Hm.. have been eating eggs my entire life, sometimes even 6 a day, and never had any problems with LDL or something.

  14. My question is what about Japanese people and other long lived Blue Zone peoples? The Japanese consume eggs multiple times a day alongside their veggies and are still living longer than everyone else. Besides the few vegan SDA, all of the Blue Zoners eat eggs as a regular part of their highly plant based diets and are living into their 90s and 100s.

  15. Consuming 2 eggs a day for a considerable length of time, my good cholesterol is high and bad cholesterol is low, the medical profession says your ratio should be below 5.1, if it’s below 3.5 it’s great, mine is 2.75, my recent wellness visit with extensive bloodwork shows this ?

  16. I still have high cholesterol presumably from either genetics or eating refined grains such as pasta, white bread, and white rice, but as long as I don’t eat high fat meals, I generally feel much better. Even high fat in almond butter, coconut oil, and vegan cheese can make me feel like crap

  17. I was thinking the same thing about food additives before he brought it up. Just because some things are natural people consider them safe when they are not

  18. Not vegan but still watch Greger just out of interest. I listened to Peter Attia and he said it has been known for probably 60 years that dietary cholesterol has no bearing or influence on blood cholesterol. Eggs are relatively low in saturated fat which is known to increase cholesterol. All of the longest living societies center their diets around eggs and have low cv disease. Its hard for me to give them up with just correlation studies.

  19. Plant based diets are the biggest scam of this century. The amount of misinformation regarding the ”ethical” brainwashing propaganda is criminal and utterly sickening. The "evidence based nutrition" is so corrupt at this point its diabolical. Resulting in you following these guidelines or current fabricated cherry picked and/or tampered studies regurgitated by these fake doctors that leech your trust in them. Within years of following such ridiculous diets you malnourish yourself, and by god, your children. Listen to your body, and research without content what our ancestors true diet and lifestyle was
    My story, I am a 25 year old male with multiple sclerosis & evidently went a biblical, no fault "Whole food vegan diet WITH supplementation" as it was "evidently" the healthiest diet for the disease and human health in general. How delusional i was. 3 years in suffering with a plethora of symptoms, constant inflammation restricting my body from working out as much as i wanted to and doing normal every day things, even though i was eating every single "anti-inflammatory" "Superfood" (biggest clown word used in this plant based culture, as most of them are loaded with toxins like saponins, goitrogens, lectins, oxalates, tannins, and phytates. Which they don’t disclaim any harm. Wonder where kidney stones come from?) under the sun, neurological issues (depression, anxiety & hypochondriac mainly), never ending brain fog & bed ridden fatigue, DAILY bloating, constipation, 2-4 stools a day (from the indigestible fibre, practically consuming sawdust) and everything was getting worse by the week. I was giving up on life and eventually decided to add meat back into my diet as for these 3 years whole food vegan with supplementation, it was as if my body was instinctively telling me to eat some sort of meat, yet my ignorance and self righteous pride attached to this plant based diet neglected such efforts to consume it. So I thought at this point, I may as well give it a try as i have nothing else to lose right? Unbelievably within a couple days things started getting a little better. So i decided to see this out for a couple more weeks and everything got better and better. Now this is where i thought i should try the biggest transition of all. To the other side of the spectrum, as this plant based diet COULD be a complete joke. Essentially I went cold turkey & started going keto/carnivore (low carb). It was hard eliminating all these toxic carbs/sugars (only whole food plant based carbs and sugar is only from whole fruit sources) full of oxalates & anti nutrients, as well as carb/sugar withdrawals which have been closely linked to the same symptoms you could get from withdrawals on alcohol/cocaine and other hard drugs. The first month was bumpy but the most amazing thing for me was that my digestion from only eating grass fed & finished beef/lamb(or any ruminant animal), wild caught seafood (sardines mostly as they’re one of the lowest mercery concentrated fish), salt & water (plus some magnesium citrate at night), was better than the entire 3 years on what seemed to be a joke of a diet at this point. All these terrible GI/neurological symptoms diminishing. Seeing most of my debilitating symptoms from the MS unnoticeable/minimal. I am now 2 years into this keto/carnivore diet/lifestyle and am stronger and healthier than ever, living my life to the full. No longer feeling like a sick animal, i feel like I’m THRIVING and living as nature intended. Still having minimal symptoms of MS but everything in every aspect of my life is amazing, even though I still wake up to this nightmare of a disease daily. This story is my own testament & only hope for others to see this story and try an animal based diet our for themselves before they get too malnourished and sick on plant based diets by your own ignorance and pride to make changes if things aren’t working. Remember, any diet that requires any type of base line supplementation (Vitamin D, B12, DHA, IODINE) is NOT a proper human diet. I feel even closer to mother earth now as consuming an animal for its nutrients and vitality is as natural as it gets. For something to live, something must die. This is the cold hard truth of the cycle of life. Anyone still afflicted by these ideals please research into what has happened to our world since the agricultural revolution. This plant based movement has only really been around for 80 years or so, so really think about that & research without content what our ancestors true diets were. The answers lie there if you need an abundance of information before you make any drastic changes to your health. Remember health is not only wealth, it is everything in this life we have. Do not let emotions, ignorance, pride & brainwashed ideals segregate your thirst for the truth

  20. I got my ldl from 3.8 to 2.2 from making a few changes, one being from eating 1 egg a week to eating 3 eggs a day. Not sure about this

  21. I’m so annoyed how eggs are in so many processed foods. Who knew it was away to help me steer clear from the tasty garbage. Say no to chicken menzies!

  22. These are the biggest lies … cholesterol in an important vital cog in the formation of every single cell in your body.
    It also repairs and maintain your body through the production of hormones every hormone that the body makes is made from cholesterol.
    This guy’s a government page shrill to preach. The plant based diet cause the government wants people stupid because plants can’t rebuild your brain in your spinal chord.
    Look up this man on the Internet see if you can find what his family looks like his wife and children you. Can’t do they look healthy though no can’t find them and look at him? He looks like he’s sixty years old.
    Look up a salary can’t find that either he’s a government paid globalist shrill.
    Seed oils are way more dangerous for you and cause cardiac arrest

  23. But, but the incredible dr berg eat 4 eggs a day and he swear by them, he even has a video that eggs are the most important food to our body….. Who to believe????

  24. The Cleveland Clinic and other Doctor’s disagree with these findings.

    Known cardiologist, neurologist have concluded dietary cholesterol has no bearing on cardiovascular disease.

  25. I thought eggs was healthy food? As it contains almost every nutrition your body needs. I wish you could say like a "safe amount" like say one egg a day for example.

  26. The types of fat in the diet help determine the amount of total, HDL, and LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. The types and amount of carbohydrate in the diet also play a role. Cholesterol in food matters, too, but not nearly as much.

    The discovery half a century ago that high blood cholesterol levels were strongly associated with an increased risk for heart disease triggered numerous warnings to avoid foods that contain cholesterol, especially eggs and liver. However, scientific studies show a weak relationship between the amount of cholesterol a person consumes and his or her blood cholesterol levels (22)
    In studies of more than 80,000 female nurses, Harvard researchers found that consuming about an egg a day was not associated with higher risk of heart disease. (4, 23) However, people who have heart disease or diabetes should monitor egg consumption.
    For most people, the amount of cholesterol eaten has only a modest impact on the amount of cholesterol circulating in the blood. (24) For some people, though, blood cholesterol levels rise and fall very strongly in relation to the amount of cholesterol eaten. For these “responders,” avoiding cholesterol-rich foods can have a substantial effect on blood cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, at this point there is no way other than by trial and error to identify responders from non-responders to dietary cholesterol.

  27. Hah, arseholes are deleting my posts to meta-analyses on egg consumption and cardiovascular disease!

    For those of you interested, go to google scholar, and search "egg consumption cardiovascular meta analysis’.

  28. The issue lies in the fact that individuals who follow a balanced diet, rich in whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, dairy, and eggs, tend to adopt a more holistic approach to caloric restriction and exercise. As a result, they often experience positive outcomes in their blood work. On the other hand, individuals who engage in similar practices but also consume excessive amounts of unhealthy food are at higher risk and tend to exhibit poor blood work. While a high intake of cholesterol can be risky, it is mitigated by a simultaneous high intake of dietary fiber. Consequently, individuals who adhere to a well-rounded diet often have healthier triglyceride levels compared to those following a strictly whole-food, plant-based diet. This observation contradicts some scientific findings but remains true in practice. Nutrition can be quite dogmatic, so it is advisable to adopt a balanced approach, be mindful of thresholds, engage in regular exercise, occasionally fast, maintain adequate hydration, prioritize quality sleep, and manage stress. By doing so, everything should fall into place.

  29. You will find a dozen studies saying eggs are bad, you will find a dozen studies saying eggs are great. Use common sense.

  30. Animal derived Dietary cholesterol does not = heart disease it is metabolic syndrome and liver disease due to metabolic syndrome that causes oxidized LDL or also known as small LDL that causes heart disease along with elevated levels of glucose and insulin that causes inflammation of the arteries that cause heart disease. Your body produces (liver and brain) LDL every cell in your body need LDL and cholesterol to survive just cut out the the sugar, the refined carbohydrates , and industrial seed oils . On the other note you really want to see the bad guys check out big pharma and big food. There lies the real problem of human health and mortality.

  31. I have been vegetarian most of my life and I have eaten a free range chicken egg every day for most of my life and do not have these health issue’s… it due to bought eggs and all they put in the poultry and their feed instead? My lab levels are good….my normal temp is 97.6 and my BP is always on the lower side…….I do need to exercise more though………Are you familiar with Barbara O’Neill and what she teaches?

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