Fact-Checking MrWhoseTheBoss Health Hacks

Fact-Checking MrWhoseTheBoss Health Hacks

MrWhoseTheBoss is an awesome tech YouTuber, and he leaned into his tech-side over the course of a 100-day body transformation. I thought it would be fun to review his lifestyle changes with the same concentration and respect he uses to reviews new gear. We talk about diet changes, such as reducing calories, adjusting caffeine intake, tossing our candy/snacks for more whole fruits and vegetables, and so much more. We also talked about his exercise changes, such as running, walking at night, and a major uptick in weight lifting. There were a bunch of other pieces of wellness gear and lifestyle changes, like shock belts, meditation, and various apps on his phone. As I always tell my patient, long-term, consistent lifestyle changes are the keys to success!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. I don’t need no air humidifier, my room gets to 60% humidity in half a day if I don’t open my windows!

  2. I’m 13 and I did my dads weights once for a laugh but then I built muscle and the satisfaction of having muscle has made me want to do it more and more

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  4. My father once joined a gym and the trainer just told my dad to do heavy weight lifting just after two three days of training and he was not agreeing but due to peer pressure he did it and tore a muscle I don’t remember which one
    And he had to quit gym now almost a decade later my father is just lil overweight like tiny bit

  5. One of my problems is hydration. With my ADHD I tend to forget to deink water or I remember and get distracted when I go to get it.

  6. I had a problem with my weight. Because I would try to keep a normal diet while doing a mix of calisthenics and weight lifting along with some cardio. But I didn’t know that I could burn weight so fast so I lost nearly 25kg in 2 and a half weeks. I realized that was way too much weight loss especially for my height. So I’ve had to bulk back up to 80kg and I only just recently got that back like a few days ago. Point is to watch your weight loss I lost track until I lost too much. Just be careful and eat a lot.

  7. i could not last 30 mins do that standing up thing bc i have something called Plantar Fasciitis

  8. Gashdarn my fav content creating doctor reacting to my fav tech reviewer, thats an absolute win🎉

  9. If you want to help remind yourself to hydrate… spoil yourself and get a bottle of some kind that you find awesome, or beautiful. Decorate it. Make it stand out in your environment. If you prefer cool or cold water, get a fancy looking thermos.
    I’ve got a thermos with a sturdy clear plastic top that I can put icy cold water in, and it will STAY icy for at least 12 hours… even when subjected to 90-100 degree temperatures all day. Our AC broke a few years ago, I live in Arizona, and we can’t afford to get it replaced, so I’ve been suffering my house being in those temps for 3 months solid. Battling heat stroke is an all day and all night thing, so hydration is a huge focus for us.

  10. Also my mouth is some times dry when I wake up why and what it means.

    2.I have weird dream like I am in a dream and suddenly realize that I am in a dream and I need to wake up and as how many time o try I get more panicked that I need to wake up or some times I see my room tho my body is frozen can’t move and I relalize it’s a dream and I can’t wake up why does it happen

  11. i have weird sleeping schedule so i sleep around 5-6 hr evry day exept weekends i sleep around 10-12 hr on weekends and maybe few naps here and there. i think this is better then 8hr sleep idkidk

  12. I hear so many regular coffee drinkers that don’t have a coffee in the morning, they get a headache. Isn’t it possible they are just dehydrated? I am a pretty regular coffee drinker, generally 1 cup a day (extra large coffee, so like 2 regular kitchen cups) aside from weekends and I don’t really feel an effect of having a headache when I don’t drink on the weekends.

    I surely can’t be the only coffee drinker like this. I also usually only drink 1 1/2 hours after I wake up. Not right when I wake up.

  13. Nah caffeine is a drug, pretty powerful for me. I cannot take any amount of caffeine cuz it literally destroys me from within. I don’t like doctors who are addicted to coffee normalising regular caffeine consumption or saying it’s fine when its only fine for those who’ve been on caffeine for years as they don’t know what the other side is like

  14. I think, if you’re starting out to try and live a healthy life, just start with replacing the coffee and all the sugar beverages with mineral water first.
    I heard that you gotta at least drink water 2L a day, so I just bought the 2L bottle and drink from there everyday.

    You’ll get used to it pretty fast if you stopped thinking about the daily progress and simply consider it as a new habit. From that alone I lose some weight, people said I got thinner without me asking them, so I guess the changes are pretty clear for them.

    If you already made a habit out of that, then I guess you can go to other steps, like controlling what you eat, and after you sort that out, plan your daily workout routine.
    A little goes a long way they said.

  15. I don’t work out because my job is basically a workout now lifting and pulling thousands of pounds a day as well as walking my dogs twice a day. It has me in the top 5% of people for steps per day… now I just need to improve my diet and get sleep.

  16. I drink a lot of kombucha and I find it helps my energy levels quite a bit but does it help with hydration? I don’t drink much water, maybe one cup a day.

  17. I used to be really fit before covid but then after covid I’m starting to notice I’m not as healthy

  18. I feel like another way to develop a consistent approach to weight loss is to not think too much about the actual weight loss part at all. Like I worried a lot about my weight when I started but then I started noticing the more minor changes like being able to walk for longer without getting too tired, being able to last longer biking or in treadmills made me switch my mindset. I started with barely being able to finish a 20-25 minute run on either a stationary bike or treadmill to being able to do 45 minutes with consistency(i.e. not stopping midway).

    The weight loss is the end goal but being able to notice and appreciate the smaller changes is what makes it more fulfilling and actually drives you more forward.

  19. I’m a big guy, around 285lbs at 6’5 in height. I’m trying to cut weight as a 23yr old college athlete. Could someone answer a few questions for me? 1, my recvomrnded caloric intake is around 3,500 calories. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy way and I generally stay around 1,500-2,000 and I’m not feeling bad or anything, is this healthy? And is my metabolism still high at this age? Additionally, can I eat a lot of heather foods like veggies and lean meats when I crave foods and still achieve gradual weight loss? Thank you to anyone who answers!

  20. Been eating healthy for the last few years and dropped a 100lbs. It’s allowed me to go from hardly being able to walk for 10 minutes to being able to go on long hikes.

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