Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

Crunches will give you abs. Cardio is the key to weight loss. These are two of more than a dozen exercise myths that do more harm than good. Business Insider brought in three professional athletic trainers to debunk them.

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Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths


  1. You can’t outrun a bad diet.

    The Army and Marines would like to have a word with you my friend

  2. I feel like this video is going make alot of people get lazy and confused when they see no changes n quit.

  3. this background music sounds like a stock ringtone from the early 2000’s and nobody ever shut off. Made it 1:22 seconds in before I stopped the video.
    Shameless plug, hmu if you need real bg music.

  4. Myth 9 is complete bullshit. Of course you need a gym to gain strength. Calisthenics will only work for a couple of weeks until your body gets used to exercises with your body weight and will no longer be under stress. There is no progressive overload, which is required for strength and lean mass gain. You can’t build strength by exercising with the same weight everyday

  5. My biggest issue is that there is no exercise I enjoy, I started about a month ago doing some light workouts like 15 bicep curls, 10 lady pushups, resistance band swuats and 10 sit ups, so far I hate doing it every time and I only skip a day or two but hopefully as my body re-adjust to doing this I’ll see results and be able to push a little further, each weak I’ll try to extend at least one of these exercises to see if I’m gaining anything, it’s slow but it’s working, I also don’t push myself too hard because one bad session can lay me out for days and that’s the last thing I need to do

  6. MYTH 10 is still not correctly worded it actually will help you to make your abs more visible at a higher bodyfat % so of cause you need to diet down to atleast around 18% depending on how adavenced you are and genetics probaly even just 20%, everything above 20% is obv a wrong focus. So around between 10%-15% of cause you see the abs more in its most shreddet form…

  7. Ok I am listening with an open mind, when do I stretch when lifting weights?

  8. Crunches WILL give you a six-pack, but it does not mean it will necessarily give you a visible six-pack. It does not matter how lean you are, you still need to train core muscles and all muscles to make them visible and good-looking.

  9. Pink salt is pink because it’s got rust. You should ignore all advice given by anybody saying it’s good for you.

  10. For any workout, rest and sleep play an highly important role to staying healthy and fit and reaching your fitness goals.

  11. The Myths we live by Joseph Campbell ….lets live by Them …its what gives life meaning ….besides without them 77%7 percent of them wouldnt still be in the working on Themselves a standard that addresses and
    Every Genetic type across the board is non Applicable : Know yourself undverstand what has been practical and be the Proof.

  12. Abs are a muscle you can’t just cut down and build muscle. Crunches do build abs but don’t reveal them, you can’t get abs from just going on a calorie deficit and being a lazy a** and go on your phone, not doing any ab training. "Abs are made in the gym. They are revealed in the kitchen."

  13. I’m having a hard time believing the part about cardio. I’ve been doing only cardio (currently 4 hours of swimming and 3 hours of fast walking on an inclined treadmill) for about 7 months, I’ve lost 16 kg and keep losing more, with barely any changes to my diet, if anything I’m eating more than I used to. My body looks and feels more muscular and stronger than it was, when, if this video is to be believed, I should be weaker.

  14. I did too much cardio for about a year which resulted in me being super weak. I didn’t notice it at that time, but I wondered why I wouldn’t lose any more weight even though I was in a huge caloric deficit. I didn’t count wrong because I measured everything and tracked the exact brands I was eating. What I think happened is that I basically starved myself that much that my body tried to consume my muscles. Thus my body burned even less calories than before. I basically gained weight when I ate around 1600 calories even though I worked out. I was also weak during my workouts so I probably didn’t burn nearly as much as my tracker said. What ended up happening is that I gained all the weight back, but am left with almost no strength. My TDEE is probably still quite low due to having low muscle mass.

  15. 1: true is myth: Muscle can be lost at about 8% in a year without working out and doing absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, and muscle doesn’t break down as much as people think, the first thing going to happen is the mitochonria shrivel making you appear as though you lost it.

    3: half true: however, it is not a myth that stretching does make you stronger, the stronger you are the more muscle you can build.

    4: true: and cardio isn’t going to help you loose weight either, you have to run 2 football fields before you even burn off the calories of one m&m, but it’s not like you could do what he says is burning into muscle, not unless you’re marathon runner or cardio for hours a day every single day, you’re not just going to hop onto a treadmill after just eating a pickle then run 5 miles expecting you just burned off the calories in that pickle, muscle wasting happens naturally with any amount of exercise, you tear your muscles apart more from weights than you do cardio, but in terms of burning through all of your calories until you’re losing muscle all over, no that’s not going to happen.

    5: that’s a loaded myth: it is true that muscle would weigh as much as fat if they did, but muscle doesn’t take as much space that fat does, so with that yes muscle would weigh more than fat if two people the same size one of muscle and one of fat.

    6: is true: however no lifting does not make bones stronger, there have been studies on that and it doesn’t, it’s a myth, once you think about it too, it doesn’t even make sense that lifting could do that, you what does make bones stronger however, breaking them.

  16. Wish they would’ve had actual doctors do this video, instead of just personal trainers. I want real science, not pseudo/bro science. The classic use of multi-syllabic words to give the appearance of scientific expertise is classic personal trainer speak.

  17. Oh, boy. Yes you CAN target specific body parts; at least for muscle gain.

    Targeting delts, traps, the neck, abs, etc., has led to the accelerated growth of those respective muscles in myself and countless other men.

    Maybe spot reducing fat isn’t possible with exercise, but muscle gain is a different story. They really shouldn’t be so vague; it confuses people.

  18. 99.9% of the guys at the gym are only working out for their online dating profile photo. They are not actors, they are not athletes, they are not models. They are strictly working out for looks, hypertrophy, and that is it. When this dawned upon me, a few years ago, and how shallow fitness has become, focusing more on appearances and less on actual health, I began doing my workouts at home and actually found better results through calisthenics. Calisthenics are amazing, if done correctly. Gym culture is little more than a meat market now. It is DEAD!!!

  19. One important myth it’s to think you need to train for 3 hours in the gym to have a great body.

    Like in 30 or 45 minutes you can get a great routine, along good nutrition and you’re set if you know what you’re doing.

  20. Don’t feel discouraged about slow progress in the gym. Don’t let your doubts become reality, shed negative thoughts, and put in the work! Every day counts as progress.

  21. I do nothing but cardio and lost 6 stone.
    The line "you can’t outrun a bad diet"
    You can. You just have to run further/longer/faster
    As for also burning off muscle as well as fat, partly true. But at a much, much power rate than fat. If you lose 1 stone of fat and 2lb of muscle, your bodyfat percent goes down and your muscle percentage goes up. You don’t get bigger. You don’t add muscle. You’re just left with a higher ratio of muscle once the fat is gone.
    A lot of people who have never been over weight and lost it and kept it off have opinions based on zero personal experience.
    If you want to take advice from anyone, find someone who has been in your position and listen to them. Don’t listen to a dude who’s had a 6pack since birth. They’re not you.

  22. Myth 6 is not a Myth. When you say muscle is denser than fat, what you are essentially saying is keeping volume constant, Muscle weighs more than Fat.

  23. He needed to go into the stretching myth more. I stretch before my workouts constantly otherwise I’ll hurt myself.

  24. Great advice, glad to hear that Myth number 15 is not always applicable; consider a joint injury. Certainly it is best to rest that joint, and muscle-group; or at most go easy on that part of the body.🏋

  25. I’ve only come across this channel recently… I’d say it was a best choice to come across by

  26. As you age you lose 30% muscle every year after 50. Isn’t that some kind of myth. Mathematically speaking you would be a jellyfish after 70.

  27. wow they say they are health pros . they must not know what they are doing saying stretching before a work out is bad , they are wrong over stretching can hurt you though. saying cardio doesnt burn fat is a lie as well because doing cardio and keeping your heart rate elevated for at 20 minutes your body going from burning sugar to burning fat as an energy source and will bur fat for up to 2 hours before it turns to burn protein. they are being misleading in these two aspects.

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