How to Create the Perfect Workout Plan // Ultimate Guide

How to Create the Perfect Workout Plan // Ultimate Guide

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This video is all about how to create the best workout plan for you, that you can tailor to your goals and to your routine to unlock serious results (: It’s packed with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time and your training, with some extra science for fat loss and building muscle because I get asked about them so often! Stay healthy (: Love ya (:

Here are a few of my favourite studies and systematic reviews that helped me with this video 🤗:



  1. You are literally the only fitness YouTuber who doesn’t make me feel insecure. I love your videos🤍

  2. How do I figure out what exercises to do because I don’t know much of any about working out I am just now wanting to get into it

  3. Is this okay?

    Day1:Arms+pilates(abt 3-4 hard)

  4. I would like a video about how to improve one’s general athleticism. I’d like to be able to try hiking, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, etc. I want to be better able to enjoy activities.

  5. People always critique other people’s workout routine, and there is no such thing as a bad workout routine . Man I’m doing like 23 sets per workout and with proper form. How could I be doing anything detrimental lol

  6. This video is literally exactly what I needed… It’s heaven-sent if you don’t know where to start or what to do. ♥️ Still wondering, is it best to do cardio on a day when you’re not doing lower body? Is there any benefit to "tiring your muscles out" by doing e.g. sprints before or after your lower body workout? Thanks! 😊

  7. I love the idea of combining the warmup and first compound move. I didn’t quite understand how to progress to the working weight though? Just a little each set and so then only do one set of the working weight or?

  8. At this point, my goal is not even muscle building or endurance. Its just leading a healthy lifestyle and working out everyday.

  9. I’d watch if you made a series of mistakes to avoid while working out, like form and stuff

  10. I’m trying to reverse prediabetes… But I don’t wanna lose too much weight because I’m already underweight. That means all my fat is on my organs. 🙄 So I’m doing pilates and yoga for now till I get a bit stronger then I’ll move on to weights. Hopefully I can get rid of this god damn dia BETIS

  11. I have done some chloe tings workouts and have seen some results, but now I want to improve and challenge myself more. And after watching ur video really helped me set up a program for me, so thank you so much. I think I want to try out ur, pamela reif, popsugar and soem others workout videoes:) and just come up with som reconomendation and experience with those I mentioned:)

  12. Don’t know why but this is the first time I saw a video of you and I already love you. I’m also learning English, and love your acent and the way you talk. You seem really excited about the topic

  13. I have been so inconsistent in exercize and just life in general, and Im hoping this helps!!! Thank you ❤❤❤

  14. The skipping the workout day overthinking part is also the washing hair day feeling 😵‍💫😂

  15. I am looking for the video where you breakdown the diet for each goal. Can you direct me to it plz?? I loved the way you explained everything & I’m excited to start my journey!

  16. While watching your videos it genuinely feels like we are very good old friends and I can trust you completely. You are awesome!❤

  17. I work a physical job 5 days a week. I’d like to be stronger. Is 4 sessions a week for 30-45 minutes going to be enough, or will it be too much since I already walk 10km/day at work?

  18. I’m currently having trouble of putting together a routine, minus all the videos on different exercises and different tips I don’t know how or where to start

  19. Very nice Video! Excactly what i was looking for, thanks!!

    Where did you get your necklace though? It suits you very good!!

  20. I’m new to any sort of formal weight or resistance training. I don’t even know how to start or what types of movements to do at the gym…A video for complete beginners would be so helpful.

  21. I’ve watched this video 4 times and each time I hear something helpful that I didn’t hear before

  22. Thanks you❤I was lost and didn’t kniw should I build muscle or lose fat and now I know🎉I wanna build muscle bcs It makes my life easier and It makes me healthier:)

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    God has given us all a body may we not take it for granted the fact that we are able to workout and enjoy it its amazing. Thank JESUS for your body and For making you just the way you are.
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  25. Can I workout two days in a row if it’s different muscle groups? Ex: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

  26. Could you please not add the background music, it’s so annoying n distracting.
    I am not able to focus with you ❤

  27. Everyone is different, our bodies are all different, including our goals, but in general would it better to focus on a fat loss program as a beginner and then go into a muscle building program once we reached our goal of loosing fat?

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