How to Treat H. Pylori Naturally with Diet

How to Treat H. Pylori Naturally with Diet

Natural treatment for H. pylori. What food can eradicate it in the majority of patients?

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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  1. Garlic killed bacteria in my Petri dish tests. For several years, I thought College, Biology classes, and then our labs we would grow out bacteria from peoples faces, and then test subcultures for anabiotic resistance. I had the students put in little pieces of garlic to see if the bacteria could live near the garlic, and sure enough nothing lived near the garlic. Although many of the students had bacteria that were resistant to our common antibiotics

  2. Two things, 1) Does Vegan Kimchi, made without any fish sauces, still have a negative effect? 2) I wish he’d be more clear what a serving size measurement is for us non-scientists. Is a 1/3 cup of sprouts mentioned considered one serving of sprouts? I’ll even take grams. but the funny letters in the studies next to the amounts is confusing.

  3. i think i got h pylori or something in jail my stomachs been horrible ever since i ate pork with rice in jail it was the first thing i could actually digest for 5 days in there since i have celiac and they give you pancakes and bread i was puking and thought i was gonna die and felt like i was tripping on LSD i literally layed down and had rainbow colors in my vision and stuff its never happened outside of jail

  4. I wish they would also test 16 ounces of plain Celery juice (fresh on an empty stomach) against H. Pylori…because it works very powerfully! …and it kills many other bacteria and viruses also!

  5. I did 1 month of kale juice plus another 3 months of black cumin oil and mastic gum. H. Pylori is still there,and so is my pruritus. So my only chance is to try triple therapy

  6. My girlfriend had H. Pylori for years. Doctors gave her Antibiotics. They did not work. A/b’s burned her stomach and esophagus. For 2 year she suffered seeing dozens of Doctors. The only thing that worked for her was: Extra Virgin Siberian Pine Nut Oil. She immediately got relief from it. Took it for 2 weeks and hasn’t had it since.

  7. One or two table spoonful of moringa powder mixed with 250ml of water to chill for two or more hours in the fridge before meals and One teaspoonful of papaya seed powder after meals 2 times daily for two weeks and go have h. Pylori test and come back here to comment.

  8. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) also plays role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Anything to kill off this dangerous bacterium is welcome.

  9. Solved my mystery, I had h pylori diagnosed 3 years ago. Didn’t take drugs too worried. Got tested in Jan 22 and again 2 weeks ago. Both negative for h.pylorii. Always muching raw cabbage.brock sprouts a pain to grow and taste horrible, i found. Raw broccoli and cabbage better.

  10. The man of today urgently needs a radical change of mentality. Suffers and dies slowly from lack of knowledge at all ages. Food as said is enough, very enough to breathe a sigh of relief for a life of more peace and quality, Thank you very much.
    God be with you always.

  11. He always has a reading problem! It says, “3 out 9, Temporarily eradicated H. Pylori” The is only 30% and it was only “Temporary” and it was an extremely low sample size! And it said levels recovered after which he cut off!

  12. Every time i hear "until you put it to the test" i get an incomprehensible large amount of serotonin, it’s actually funny

  13. I suffered from this horrible condition till I came across #doctoreromon herbal channel on YouTube. his herbs are very effective.

  14. I’ve watched both of these videos, and still have no idea what his thesis is. Next time, maybe state your conclusion clearly. This is a chronic problem with the way these videos are produced. Maybe its intentional, so he can never be held accountable for what he says.

  15. Thank you #drobaedo on YouTube for helping me get rid of my h.pylori infection. Treatment includes natural diet and herbal supplements.❤

  16. turmeric kills h. pylori. (always take turmeric with a little bit of black pepper, as this will increase the bioavailability of turmeric)

    i can’t give you any links, because youtube will not allow that.

  17. I don’t understand.

    Kimchi makes you more susceptible to H. pylori infection but cruciferous vegetables helps against it.
    But isn’t the cabbage in kimchi a CV too?

    Why does one help while the other one hurts? And should I stop eating kimchi?

  18. I truly needed this information when the Doctor I saw was rude and condescending when I wanted to discuss alternative, more natural ways to treat this!

  19. should it be noted that risk of getting stomach cancer is less than 1%? best anti-bacterial cocktail is garlic supplement (3 strong pills) + quardruple dose of cranberry supplement + normal dose of immune mushroom supplements. will get rid of gum-tooth infections (over about two weeks) and a lot more.

  20. I hate this. Last year I had it. This year again! I hope this video will help this time round.

  21. El ajo no es antihelicobacter, no produce absolutamente ningún efecto en ese sentido, está demostrado en múltiples estudios en diferentes países; me remito a Pub Med donde existen estudios al respecto.
    El kimchi no es inductor del cáncer de estómago, el hecho de que Corea tenga unas tasas altas de esa patología no es atribuible al kimchi ¿o es solo de kimchi de lo que se alimentan los coreanos?.

  22. Thanks for the studies it further increases my faith because in Islam we are prohibited from consuming Pork and Alcohol. Eternally grateful 🫶

  23. It all just seems too loose and strident with conjecture or possibly poor methodology etc.

    Doesn’t kimchi contain high amounts of cruciferous vegetable (cabbage) and garlic? Also the other countries which have the same severities of H. Pylori cases yet multitudes less stomach cancer rates, do they consume comparable amounts of alcohol and salt and animal products..?

    Feels like a wild goose chase…

  24. Hey dr. Greger. I was wondering what are the best foods we can eat for the gut microbiome. There are issues with the certain fermented foods you’ve mentioned in the Japanese diet. But I’m still curious for those who have an imbalanced and damaged gut what should we consume? I understand that plants have prebiotics, but I’m mainly talking about probiotic foods, and additionally what can we do so it doesn’t damage the stomach. This would be most helpful.

  25. It’s so perplexing that patient compliance is such an issue 🙁 peoples lives are at risk and they can’t find reason to make it work. Life, friends, family, love. 🙁

  26. I’m confused, how could the findings show no statistical significance at 7 and then 15 years, but then all of a sudden show significance at 30 years out? They were supplementing with garlic the entire time, as opposed to the other group receiving 2 weeks of antibiotics, and we don’t know whether the improvement at 30 years was significant, but not as much as the antibiotic group.

    Also, how’d they take the garlic? I’ve heard cooking almost totally destroys allicin so you have to take it raw in order to reduce h. pylori. I’d eat raw garlic regularly if it reduced my risk of stomach cancer, but not if it only reduced my risk by a little more than statistical significance. Otherwise, I’d be interested in taking a couple weeks of the antibiotic.

  27. Anyone claiming mastic gum, broccoli sprouts, turmeric, cranberry juice, kombucha tea, fermented foods can ERADICATE h pylori is lying to you. They can help bring the bacteria down to a manageable/unnoticeable level but NEVER will they eradicate the bacteria. Even if you kill off 99% of the bacteria there is still a chance with bad eating or stress for a flare up/overgrowth. PLEASE do not believe anyone claiming otherwise. Don’t believe me, do your own research(not YouTube or fb). Antibiotics alone don’t work a lot of the time so its necessary to take antibiotics and eat all these things together for a better chance of eradication

  28. Who else expected him to say "until now" after he said "but broccoli has never been directly put to the test"?

  29. I cured my ulcer I had for two years naturally from drinking cabbage juice, taking mastic gum, and zinc carnosine. I highly recommend people suffering from ulcer do your research and look into this powerful combo!

  30. So I hope there’s clarification on the previous video on kimchi, as regular kimchi is mostly cruciferous vegetable (the asian/napa/Chinese cabbage) with additional seasonings such as alliums (what in the west are called garlic chives) and maybe green onion. At what point does the salt outweigh the benefits?

  31. upgrade with FOOD COMBINATIONS, Broccoli sprouts (sulforaphane) are more powerful when mixed with watercress, THE SAME as turmeric is more powerful when mixed with cauliflower, we are not done yet, walnuts and flax oil and many more. YOU CAN FERMENT BROCOLLI IN THE KIM CHI WITH HALF A TEASPOON OF SALT PER CABBAGE. Low Salt and tastes the same. Ah man, it would take me all day to upgrade all of this.

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