I didn't eat food for 7 full days! See what happened…#shorts

I didn't eat food for 7 full days! See what happened…#shorts

DISCLAIMER!!! Do this at your own risk or consult a doctor 🙂

I didn’t eat for 7 days! Yes, that’s right. This was a mental and physical EXPERIMENT. This is not a long term diet plan or a way to consistently lose weight. In this video I share my results from fasting for 7 days drinking only water. I lost almost 5 Kgs within 7 days. Watch the video for my water fasting experience, results!

If you do a 7 day fast, I really recommend that you watch @drjasonfung & @DrEricBergDC videos on it. It gives all advice and knowledge to support you during your fast.

Also, my re-feed consisted of homemade Bone Broth, Tender Coconut Water and some fruit. The food over the next few days could have been better for sure. But I took the suggested 4 days to get back to proper solid food that i would eat before.

I took plenty of rest during this fast, despite me not showing it. Filming me laying and sitting around for 7 days wouldn’t have made a very interesting video.

I also reviewed the following water brands – Aquafina, Bisleri, Himalayan, Evocus and Evian. A reviewer has to review you know 😉

Hope you enjoy watching this video 🙂


Hi, I’m DCT! I have been eating since 1993 and am currently on a food drive with a camera to record myself (that was quite clear when I wrote camera), anyway. I’ve been a Sapatu Raman (also read as FOODGASMER 😉 hehe) all my life and will continue to be the same. Also, happy to chat on Instagram @DCT_EATS (https://www.instagram.com/dct_eats/?hl=en)

Please correct me if I’m wrong about stuff I say using the comment section (be nice okay?) and these are my opinions and views, I do not mean to offend anyone or their culture or their pets.


#shorts #waterfast #nofood #fasting

PS- Huge shoutout to Sonny from the Best Ever Food Review Show, Mark Wiens, Irfan from Irfan’s View, Trevor James from The Food Ranger & Kripal Amanna from The Food Lovers TV for all the inspiration – You guys are the best!
See you soon!


  1. For me, huge meals before fast always was a bad idea as it makes me hungrier when I fast, I feel bloated , my stomach feels stretched out. I found that having small portions of fruit and vegetables for few days before the fast helps your body ease into it, and I also do brisk walking and take it easy , no vigorous activity. I drank some mix of smart water- alkaline and electrolytes. I also took pinch of Himalayan salt in warm water when I got headaches. And after fast , I didnt eat a giant meal. I started with very small portions of salad , vegetables, fruits, bone broth .

  2. Before anyone thinks he lost a lot of weight remember a lot of it is water weight which he will gain back.

    Taking into account some deets that I have, his daily calorie to maintain his weight should be around 2000 calories. Not taking into account his additional activities since food digestion burns calories as well and there are too many variables.

    To lose 1 KG of fat, you need to burn 7,700 calories.

    Since he didn’t eat anything for a week his total calorie deficit was 14,000.

    That means realistically he lost around 1.9 kg weight (give or take a few grams).

    Also not all of the 1.9 kg is fat, he must have lost some lean mass as well.

    Now if someone else wants to try it, make sure you keep drinking electrolytes while fasting because it’s safer that way. But tbh I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go without food tho.

    Edit: I didn’t watch his full length video so he might have talked about the points I made. But regardless people who don’t want to watch his whole video can refer to this comment.

  3. This thing is not recommended because ketosis can lead to extreme complications of your health.

  4. Please don’t do
    It’s a torture for your body😅
    Instead eat everyday but lessen the amount of food than you normally eat

  5. 1) you will lose muscle
    2) you’ll mostly lose water weight and such stuff
    3 ) the weight lost will come back as quickly as it was lost.
    4) you’ll be left with loose skin.
    So its definitely not worth it due to the above reasons

  6. On my 5th day of my fast i also pooped my pants i just past my 6th of my fast and dont know when i should stop

  7. This ain’t helping in the long run, the moment U r body gets carbs it will store the carbs thinking that it will not get the carbs again.

  8. We jains have been doing fasting for 1 days to as long as 30-45 days.. Only water nothing else that too no water after sunset till sunrise.. This religious fasting is common in our religion and every jain has done some or other sort of fasting in their lifetime and it’s completely normal and healthy

  9. don’t mind but the dialogues were copied from some other yt creator who did that although love your content

  10. Bollywood: we have best body transformation
    Yt : ya i make youtuber eat junk then make them slim then again junk 🤦

  11. Instead of torturing the body like this just do calorie deficit by eating everyday but in less amount 😅

  12. Wtf you lost only 4.7 kgs in 7 days without food ? 🧐

    I’d lose like 10 kgs or more.

  13. I already have low pressure ,when I started dieting and intermittent fasting for 4 days . By the day 4. I felt like almost fainted and severe headache and also I can’t do any simple works . Is this normal or any problems with my body ?

  14. Today my day 1 completed.. my goal is doing 7 days water fast . Please with me luck🥺❤️

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