LA Fitness New Rules During COVID 19 Pandemic (Includes Gym Tour)

LA Fitness New Rules During COVID 19 Pandemic (Includes Gym Tour)

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RICH CELENZA gives you a break down all the new rules and regulations inside the LA Fitness in Orlando Florida at the Kirkman Shoppes. This is Rich’s third gym that he has visited and toured during the Phase 2 Pandemic.

Rich not only describes all the changes the gym has made during the pandemic, but he also shows you exactly what the workout center area looks like. That includes equipment / free weight areas, gymnasium, locker room, studio, sauna, and pool area as well.

To see other LA Fitness Tours please feel free to scroll down Rich’s Youtube page.


  1. Great video. I’ve been a member of LA Fitness here in Dallas, TX for almost 7 years now. Our gyms opened up on June 1st. When I went back some people were wearing masks while others weren’t. Then the mask order came down from our governor about 2 weeks ago. When the order came down my location mandated we must wear masks unless we can maintain 6 feet social distancing. There were signs on the entrance doors with that verbiage. Over the past week that changed to masks being required in all areas of the gym. But it is common to see people pull their masks down while performing strenuous sets. Let’s face it people need unobstructed access to oxygen when doing vigorous exercise or heavy weight. I gave it a good college try with both nose and mouth covered. Honestly I felt short of breath working out like that. I’ve been a gym rat for over 25 years and it just does not feel natural to have your airways obstructed. This past Saturday I went and had my mask off completely while doing bench press. A staff member walked around reminding everyone they must keep their mask on. So I put my mask on but like so many others I kept it on where I could at least have my nose sticking out unobstructed. I noticed many with their masks on their chin. As long as members had their masks on-even if it was pulled down-staff didn’t say anything. Honestly I think it is a game a charades. If people are touching weights and other equipment but then pulling their masks down to drink water it kind of defeats the purpose. People need to at the very least drink water and so your forced to come in contact with your face after touching weights unless you clean weights between every set which isn’t realistic. Also the perspiration that builds up under the mask is a great breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. That’s not exactly safe. I don’t see many people at the gym these days so even on a usually busy Saturday morning it is very easy for members to stay socially distanced from each other. The mask is a pointless measure.

  2. I thought it was gross when people didnt clean up after themselves before the pandemic. It doesnt surprise me that people still arent doing it.

  3. I live in NJ and my club has been closed since March and isn’t opening any time soon. Do you have to wear a mask in the free weight area? Will they let you keep your account frozen for free if you don’t feel comfortable going back yet? Thank great video

  4. Was member for 12 years. Canceled it a few days go as must wear mask. See you when will mask be of and locker room open. Never? That is ok to.

  5. well if I can’t play basketball there then I won’t go to LA fitness but I understand that they need to put the other exercise machines somewhere else for social distancing

  6. Would love to see more gym tours across the Orlando/Tampa areas. You plan on doing more of them? Also, can you upload in 4k? Appreciate the vids.

  7. What the point of enforcing the mask when half the people in the video either have it off, or using it as a chin strap?That includes beyond just cardio machines

  8. studies demonstrate that particles known as aerosols — microscopic versions of standard respiratory droplets — can hang in the air for long periods and float dozens of feet, making poorly ventilated rooms, buses and other confined spaces dangerous, even when people stay six feet from one another. Just read this and if true gyms are in trouble – very depressing !

  9. Thank you so much I wanted to restart my membership but I was a lil afraid it doesn’t seem too bad definitely less crowded than Costco 😂

  10. type of workout i do is intense and requires breathing. i couldnt imagine wearing a mask. im like charlie scheen i only know one speed "GO!"

  11. GYMS should just make sure that everyone is wearing a mask and sanitizes after their done with their stations….it’s dumb that they are asking for proof of vaccination

  12. I’ma check out an la fitness near me cus currently I’m in planet fitness and been there for 6 months. Do they still got any good deals rn that you know of ?

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