Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & NEISHA !

Proper Human Diet Q&A with Dr Berry & NEISHA !

Invite a friend and let’s talk about the Proper Human Diet!!
Low-carb, Keto, Ketovore, & Carnivore consisting of real, whole, nutrient-dense foods are on the Proper Human Diet spectrum.

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  1. Long time subscriber, can’t thank you enough Dr Ken. Love all your content and how you occasionally take it up a notch by having Niesha join you. In the keto/carnivore community you are a power couple.

  2. I thought I heard you say your would have a link for us to find a like minded doc in our area?????? I can’t locate that?????? Was that my imagination????

  3. Thank you, Niesha, for the tip on chicken flour. I’ve missed fried chicken and fried chicken livers on keto. Started keto on March 16, and have lost 29 pounds. Bodily inflammation, neuropathy have gone away. Got off oneprazole as well, and now my rosacea is clearing up. Gone from size xl to mediums. I’m 68 years young. Thank you Dr. Ken for teaching me to live a healthy life! I love y,all!!!

  4. First timer- what organ pills do you recommend? I’m working on trying to get around to actual meat. Thanks

  5. Low carb got rid of asthma. Trying to get rid of reynauds and varicose veins. I am active and slim but had 4 pregnancies as a hairstylists so blew out the veins lol. Love you guys❤

  6. Help me get started again..please?, I’m getting married in October and I want to look my best. But I can’t seem to get into ketosis

  7. I’m one of those who gets super sleepy and can barely keep my eyes open about two hours after I break my fast with a carnivore meal. I was never a sleepy or nap person before going on the carnivore diet 5 months ago. Sugar would sometimes make me sleepy before I cut it totally out of my life. I have Hashimoto’s x25 years, and I know my metabolism hasn’t yet healed, as I still have quite a bit of extra fat around my mid section, regrettably. My fasting insulin has gone from 10 to 7 in four months, so I guess I’m healing, but slowly. So, I can relate with Scotty R, and am glad to know that there is nothing seriously wrong with me because I also get really sleepy after eating meat.

  8. meat tenderizer is Bromelain and some meat is mechanically tenderized too. this well be poor-quality meat but, I used to buy it.

  9. They now have candles that smell like cigars 😊 we got one for my daughter’s bf a couple of years ago!

  10. Pump Up The Jam is by a group called "Technotronic". C&C Music Factory did other songs similar, but that is definitely Technotronic.

  11. Your children are the luckiest to have parents who know the PHD is the best thing for them. Wish I could go back and feed my children like that. They are in their 30’s and 40’s now and have so many health problems they could have been spared from if we had known better. Thank you for all your help.

  12. So much great info, I would like to add to sinusitis topic. (My own experience only). I discovered that dairy trigerred the sinusitis inflamation so eventually switched to A2 raw milk and gave up on all chesse kinds. The sinuses would not flare up as bad and the post nasal drain subsided somehow. All until I woul have a little cheese very occasionally. This looked to me like allergy developed to milk protein (in my late 40s). I started carnivore about 10 days ago. Still drink the A2 milk though which I love since 2021. I had ate recently 2 small slices of hard cheese (just to check)and my sinuses flared up again the next day.

  13. No. I can NOT eat a brain of an animal I would pet. I will however, eat the BACON from said animal. Because… Bacon.😅

  14. I am so afraid of gaining weight eating mostly carnivore… Turns out , many people do gain. That kind of burst my bubble. I was so pumped to finally get my weight down, and now I’m scared. Two weeks into this, I dont know what to do. I have been eating plenty of fat, but have been hungry. Following all dr Berry’s advise. Maybe I am eating too much protein when I do eat. I used to be able to go all morning into the afternoon without eating. Now I’m hungry in the morning .

  15. Anyone have ideas to help increase liver function? I’ve been carnivore for almost two years and my liver function isnt great. Because of that my TSH is high (over 3) and my estrogen is triple what it should be to get pregnant. I’m going to try to get into the next live to hopefully have one of the Berry’s address it but help in the meantime would be appreciated

  16. There is nothing wrong with being sleepy after eating meat. It is completely normal! Any carnivore animal in nature sleeps after eating. Vegans not being sleepy after eating their "grass" is understandable, lol. Please stop saying it is unhealthy. If I am not mistaken, Dr Berg started this nonsense.

  17. Down 100lb still a ways to go @ 288Lb. I can out hike my younger thinner co worker. Carnivore diet makes me strong!
    I am so happy to hear about that Meat coma. I was just in one after breakfast. Pork belly and eggs. Then while I was listening to this that comment perked my ears up. I also have low VO2 max. 23 @ age 50 Is there a connection?

  18. I also have had pain and discomfort with fat pad after fat loss. My Internal med Dr doesn’t know what to do. Associate sharp tearing/burning with deep stretch mark. Don’t know if need to see dermatologist or plastic surgeon… very little info out there. Spoke with another person with same and compression clothing helps to minimize pain.

  19. -Völva Böres
    1 second ago
    For the past 7 months I’ve been complaining all over youtube videos about how I can’t lose weight or heal on carnivore. Well I added extended fasting and IF and the fourth day I went off my bp meds, it lowered my bp that fast, I monitor it every day and the numbers are beautiful! A month later ( yesterday) I told my doctor and he was happy, he told me to not take my bp meds which I already quit taking them anyway lol! Ok so lab work yesterday, today I get my results, My pre- diabetes is gone, my enlarged fatty liver is healing, maybe its 100 percent better, not sure till I have the abdominal scan next month but my blood work shows normal liver function. I have more energy, more mental clarity , my cycle came back And I’ve lost 12 pounds ! Omg I did it! I healed myself! Thanks to the knowledge I received from Dr berry, Ben bikman, Dr boz, Dr berg etc…..
    I’m so grateful, carnivore/ fasting for life!

  20. This is after you were live but I was wondering…I heard you say vegetables are now known to be trying to kill us. What is this going to do to the Keto lifestyle? I jumped on the wagon with carnivore but I found it too limiting since i have to cook for my son who is ESRD. So, I’m moving to Keto which will allow us to eat more things together.

  21. I see in the live chat that BriarRose said "​lions nap after a meal" — Looking at cats in general, they seem to drop and nap at any moment of the day as well! LOL

  22. I actually prefer a vegan diet and like everything about it but when I get tested, Bad numbers are way up did 180 Turn around to keto, Low carb, my doctor is happy, happy happy, You are what you eat

  23. I wish I knew about the proper human diet when I was much younger. My kid is almost 18 and has been on a high carb diet for all of her life, like I was until very recently (actually far better than my diet was, but still not good). I’m working on my family, starting with giving them more meat. So far going ok. My husband is enjoying it & he gave up rice and bread, but still has a lot of fruit and a lot of crunchy high carb Indian snacks. My kid is ok with it but still gets bananas at school and gets sugary yogurts & gluten free brownies (we both have celiac disease) at the coop that’s a few blocks away. My kid did ask me to help with a “glow up” over the summer, so maybe she’ll be more open to dietary changes.

  24. I really would like to get your input on HEP C and how to deal with it through diet, exercise, etc (ANYTHING but a pharmaceutical solution).

  25. Gall stones break down with natural chanca piedra, you can find on google for less than $20…. about 4 – 6 weeks and bam they are gone…….can be painful if stones are large but better than surgery!!

  26. @KenDBerryMD I’m the one that has the bad stomach pain and loose mustard color stools that loss 40lbs with bbbe. I went to the ER. Got a CT scan. They said Mesenteric panniculitis. I ate so well. I don’t understand why I got this and they don’t know the cause. So does that mean no more bbbe? Everything I read says to avoid red meat.

  27. We had a very scary could be moment at the drs with our two year old over the past few weeks. For now the specialist says lets see again in a month. Im praying his lymph nodes go down. But i have 100% made up my mind to cut out all sugar from my whole families diet. It’s my husband and I and our 6 kids 😊 Im looking for yummy ideas for my two and four year old.

  28. Dr Berry. ! My whole family hates the way I told them about the carnivore diet a year ago
    Now they are following your way of eating
    A year ago your name was a big joke in the house .
    Keep up the good work

  29. LOL!!!! I thought my LDL was a little borderline from last years check. It was 188. I just reviewed those labs again… LOL That was my TOTAL cholesterol!!!!! My Ldl is 108!!!!! my Triglycerides are 106 and my Hdl is 56… I wonder what the Standard American Dr is going to suggest to me. There must be SOME pill I can take, I feel like I need to take a pill because EVERYONE I know is on something!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo just love my Ketovore life as I work my way to Carnivore:) This spring now that I can walk outside and not freeze to death, I have lost another 5 pounds. I felt optimal last year, I feel BETTER now 🙂 18 months in, 51 yr old male, 55 pounds gone and NOT missed. Thank you soooooo Much Dr Berry and Neisha!!! BEST 50th Bday present I could have ever received! I have given myself the gift of Optimal health, and I WILL play with my grandbabies (when they get here)! Bmi 24 and NORMAL!!! Beef, butter, bacon, eggs, cod liver in its own oil… these are a few of my Favorite things! It IS a great song, it is Technotronic and it is Pump up the Jam!!!

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