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  1. I’m confused I thought 9-5’s were bad yet she’s going through all that to describe the normal benefits of a 9-5 that she’s getting in Q science. Um, girl a set paycheck and benefits? Help putting aside money for taxes? Moving up in your company after 12 years? Sounds like a normal paycheck to me lol they want to be a 9-5 so bad

  2. Qscience is just gettin the girlies on the way out. They know exactly what to say to validate them bc they’ve paid attention and been in the game and qsciences ppl are playing right in there face. Then thinking that was too easy. It’s prolly just a script they wrote out to get girls like her/them

  3. This is gonna be priceless to watch, I’m just starting to watch lol. I think I heard you say black status presenter and not knowing it ? The MLM she was probably was in is called Younique they were a huge mlm popular makeup cult cough sorry MLM 😂 black status is usually like the top and I know this because I was fully into that shit for years to the point I went to St. Louis from fucking Canada. Ah yes unmedicated bipolar brain washing good times… but yes our lovely cults got me good and lots debt too 🙂 but yes I’m sleepy so that beginning part may have heard wrong but hopefully that might answer it 🙂

  4. So many top IW leaders just jumped over… im sure they have a contract they had to sign and paid $$

  5. Ummmm. You’re not starting from ground zero when you’re taking your down line with you 🙄

  6. I have like 5 it works girls on my fb who recently quite and started Q science and almost ALL of them posted almost the exact same video 😅 and of coarse you have to message them to find out the name .

  7. So wild. It always turns into them describing their company as a classic pyramid scheme. and it always turns into them celebrating the notion of a job paying the people that work the job. It’s baffling. Like, they treat it like a miracle.

  8. I can relate, the housing market here is wild. Since renting my condo 2 years ago, other similar size unit not even a penthouse suite like mine are about 8-900$ more a month… 1 bedroom, 500 sq ft for $2200-2300/month.
    She’s so scattered and hard to watch.
    How can a company tell you you have to be religious to be employed by them. Like what?

  9. If this girl says "I’m just gonna mom it" one more time…. I don’t know what kind of parent this lady is but these kids have me on my toes and busy all the live long day. She says it like it’s the slow, easy life.

  10. How dare you get off trying say that you’re Autistic. you are not Autistic. You’re just a horrible person seeking attention.

  11. Bragging about taking over the leader Board just means these girls just brought over their down line. I listened to another MLM break it down.

  12. COming back to watch this again as I watch 10 of the top leaders in Itworks cut and run to Qscience

  13. Chelsea, I have been binging for days. Love the spice, love the humor (timing is everything!) and love the Wiggum cam. I don’t know if he could get any cuter.

  14. Do you guys have long service leave over there? 10 years in the same company in Australia and you get 3 months off (sometimes it’s at 7 years…. Most often 10). She could have had a break in a sales job here

  15. The worst part is that a ton of girls who are starting at Q just brought over a majority of their team so they’re really in a good spot right off the bat without having to work as hard as someone JUST starting out. So starting "over" really isn’t starting over lol

  16. These top leaders always bring a whole team with them , hit ranks quick because of it then tell the next person they can too ! Like yeah maybe in 5 years when they find enough people to manipulate like you did and go somewhere new to start the hype all over again 😂

  17. Imagine having to do all that damn math just to cobble together a paycheck every month lol based on her own math it sounds like the total is something like $900 for the average person per month girl I was keeping track lol

  18. Whenever I see these, I always think of the office clip where Jim draws the pyramid for Mike. 😂

  19. You know, people "under me" (I’m not their manager, I just organize what they’re doing for the day and they follow my instructions) get to go home paycheques too, because we work at a real job where when we put our time and energy into the jobs they want us to do, the managers like it enough where we don’t get fired, and we get compensated with money.

  20. 38 minutes in and can’t tell you the product. It’s all about “volume” and people underneath you.

  21. im not convinced that people actually watch these facebook lives…they’re so insufferable. without your commentary its just so cringe

  22. i did not know you were autistic until you said it, but now that you say it, lots of stuff make sense lol. i’m neurodivergent as hell, not officially diagnosed with anything (because it’s so expensive) but i have done a lot of reading and research on ADHD, APD (auditory processing disorder), and autism. the comorbidity with ADHD & autism is actually realllly common and very interesting to read about! i wouldn’t be surprised if i end up being diagnosed with both autism & ADHD, when i get the opportunity to visit the doc someday.

    there’s a lot of similarities between us, so when you said you were autistic i said to myself, "swag, it’s clicking". nothing i can put my finger on specifically, but it’s just a vibe. keep being yourself queen, neurotypicals will never understand <3

  23. And now they’re paying all the top people at ITWorks to move over.

    I remember when the #2 earners in Hempworx left for a new “ground floor opportunity”, and took other big leaders as well as their downlines with them. They were making $100,00k a month there and said the comp plan changed and they saw a big hit in their paychecks. So what, they were making maybe $50k a month instead of $100k Lol. Anyways, they got greedy and when a new shiny company came and offered them the world, they jumped at it. Well that was over 2 years ago and they’re on their 3rd MLM company since them 😂😂. I bet they kick themselves everyday for not staying put, because they were a huge deal at Hempworx and they’re really no body’s now lol.

    Anyways, that’s what will happen to these people leaving for Q, at some point. Times are different than they were a few years ago. People are more aware of the dangers of MLM’s, the economy is different, the cost of living is sky high, rents have up etc. People don’t have money to be buying junk science products and these reps(that are making nothing) don’t have the extra money to be buying $150 a month in auto-ship products just to make maybe $10. So all these reps who are being told “it will be different here”, will see it’s not different, and they’ll eventually leave.🤷‍♀️

    Sorry this was so long lol.

  24. She is one of those people I cannot stand. I am screaming in my head ‘get to the forking point’ ‘

  25. Qscience is BUILT on a platform of vague. My sister in law started with them a while ago, and ALL her talk about her "new business" and how the product was helping her (copy-paste non-advertising advertisements stating things like "This cured my joint problems in my hands!" a pain she never had.") never ever mentioned the actual product. I skipped asking HER, because that’s the hook and no thank you, and figured out her new MLM product by copying a few of her her copy-pasted facebook posts and google searched that. HA!. Shady AF.

    The down side to being in an MLM that doesn’t want to be named is that it makes selling REALLY DIFFICULT! and it’s making this woman’s story SO VERY BORING. It feels like I’m listening to an hours long run-on sentence; The product name being the missing punctuation.

  26. I joined Q sciences (stupidly) and not only lost a lot of friends in the process, was bullied mercilessly when I left, gained 50 lbs on their products I was forced to promote…but they also scammed me out of $3k that they never paid me. I also just found out they were offering $40k BRIDGES for other leaders in other companies to try to persuade that person into joining. Suchhhh a scam. Withholding ingredient information. Being super sketchy, never sharing the company name…it’s all bad news

  27. Funny, because 3 weeks later and the leader board shows that the ItWorks leaders who just jumped ship are now all the top leaders company wide 😂😂

  28. thank you so much, what I am concerned about is actually as someone in the fitness business, why don’t they talk about the products– which are actually really good quality?

  29. When you corrected them for thinking sublingual means on the tongue instead of under it as it is intended to be used I let out a long sigh of satisfaction 😂

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