Total Hip Replacement – Activities 3+ Months After Surgery Do's & Don't

Total Hip Replacement – Activities 3+ Months After Surgery Do's & Don't

Total Hip Replacement – Activities 3+ Months After Surgery Do’s & Don’t
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Physical Therapist Assistants Mike and Alex discuss the actvities that can be doing 3+ months after a total hip replacement. They also discuss activities that are not recommended 3 months+ following a total hip replacement.

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  1. I refuse to accept this.
    I’m 47 years old
    Just had my left hip done
    Probably need my right one done next year.
    I’m not trying to simply walk around the old folks home and Play bingo.
    I’m going to get as close as I can to the wildly athletic person I was precious to this.
    Get busy livin
    Or get busy dying
    LET’S GO!!!

  2. How about riding? It has been my sport for over 70 years. (I am 75.) Otherwise the only activity you mention that is available to me is walking. (I have no swimming pool, and live over 8 hours from any snow.)

  3. 5 weeks today since my total hip replacement. Still some pain and trying to master using a cane. My balance is not back to normal yet. I am a lineman by trade and am worried about my return to work. On the plus side I feel I have turned the corner on recovering. Good luck to anyone going through this.

  4. I’m going into 9 weeks…and when sit and go to get up I have pain on the left side of my hip…the first few steps really hurts ….any advice for me on what exercise will help to strengthen it to lessen the pain

  5. Bastards!! You left out tennis! I’m not watching you anymore and I’m cancelling my subscription!😡

  6. Aren’t there a lot less, to virtually no restrictions with hip resurfacing? I realize not everyone will be a good candidate for resurfacing, but I can’t help to notice all the under 60 commentators….who may have been better served with resurfacing.

    Several examples of professional athletes returning to pro level competition after resurfacing….not a claim replacements can make.

  7. I’ve seen videos of people doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsui after hip replacement but haven’t really seen a specific timeline after the surgery. One would think that with the recovery period at 3-4 months, there would be a strengthening period after that but I’m curious, if after 9 months of getting in shape after surgery if I could do BJJ.

  8. What was stupid with this video was they never said that all of this advice was meant for all 3 approaches!!

  9. Someone needs to do an informative video on complications after hip pinning surgery and then you have components removed to have total hip replacement. I developed Avascular Necrosis after hip pinning and ultimately had total hip replacement. Recovery is vastly different.

  10. My surgeon told me to do whatever I want after 6 weeks. So I went skiing the next day. I own a house near a ski resort so i do it very often. Went windsurfing 2 weeks later. These are some of the things I like immensely. I’m 52 and not ready to slow down.

  11. This isn’t bob n brad. If I had THR and listened to this, I’d just wanna kill myself. Way too limiting and depressing. C’mon guys, you can do better.

  12. Hi sir, good evening im as policeman at malaysian cuontry, im just 5 month do my rigth hip replament…Tq for good info🙏🏻

  13. Not disrespecting what these guys are saying but everyone is different and the best advice I can give to all those on here that are worried about losing their active lifestyle is to talk to your surgeon. Mine asked me what sorts of activities I wanted to be able to do post op and I told him competitive squash, soccer, touch football. He said that he could engineer my hip replacement so I would be able to do all those. The only thing he said he didn’t want me doing was a lot of running, particularly marathons, half marathons etc.
    I had my right hip replaced just under 6 months ago at age 50. Had posterior approach for surgery and I was walking without crutches or cane 2 hours after surgery and out of hospital at midday the next day after having had surgery late afternoon the day before. The hospital physio even had me doing some lunging exercises before discharge. Lots of walking for the first month and was back out cycling 20km or so at a time and hitting squash balls on a court by myself at 4 weeks (but not playing matches). By 8 weeks could cycle 30 – 40km and play squash matches, though still with some restriction fully lunging onto the right leg. Played a squash tournament about 4 and a half months post op.
    I will say that I did a lot of pre-op work, making sure my legs in particular were fit and strong, especially with cycling, to try to speed up recovery.

  14. My surgeon said no restrictions after 6 weeks. If you were active in the past no reason to stop. The restrictions mentioned in this Video are for someone really old, obese or not in very good shape to begin with. I’m not sure why all these people on this thread think an Anterior surgical approach is better than a mini Posterior, it’s not. You may recover a few days faster but essentially they’re doing the same operation with more risk of nerve damage. I’m 66, had a mini posterior and was walking unaided in 3 days.

  15. Your advice is Bullshit!!!! I had my left hip replaced 2 tears ago and was back to Brazilian jiu-jit within three months drilling and then full sparring at 5 months. I just had my right one done I will be on the mats within 3 moths you two have given people bullshit advice and are dip shits!!! Listen to your body and do what you want to do!!!!

  16. Different exercises for anterior and posterior!!! Would be nice if you tell us which ones are good for which method!!! Please.

  17. Hello, I’m 60 years old and I’ll have both my my hips totally replaced. After that will I be able to do windsurf and snowboard again. If yes after how long. Thank you.

  18. Thanks guys, very useful. Would be good to get an updated overview. The "don’ts" identified are perhaps relevant to someone with other complications such as osteoporosis, much older, etc. But the evidence, and recommendations from most surgeons, are much more liberal and suggest you can get back to very vigorous activities including basketball, tennis, weight training, combat sports (Brazilian jiujitsu) etc. Obviously, individual differences matter, but the materials and techniques have improved vastly, as has the evidence base, and barring very extreme impact, most fit healthy people should be able to get back to close to normal performance after a good period of recovery and strength building after 3 months, and certainly after 6 months. Older posterior approaches were problematic when separating the glute muscle and causing permanent weakness, but even this approach has improved markedly, with better surgeons/muscle sparing.

  19. THR means no sports. There is only one surgery that allo2s pro athletes to return to their sports with these hip injuries. Don’t do a THR if you are active without doing the research–in the USA they will lie about it because most don’t have the skill to pull off the surgery of a resurface. I’m warning you–take heed.

  20. Hi team,

    Thanks for the video, hope you all are doing great.

    I am a professional dancer, dancing with right hip replaced for the past 14 year’s.

    Ideally I do a ride motorcycles as well.

    Both dancing and motorcycling have been a part of my life and I don’t want to let it go.
    At the same time I take enough care and I am totally aware when I do these activities.

    Out of the activities you mentioned above, can you elaborate how and best ways to ride safe, permissible or not, while riding a motorcycle?

    It would be of great help. Thanks!

  21. These guidelines are incredibly conservative for people who were very athletic before hip replacement. I have seen other experts green light alot more rigorous sports or lifting.

  22. You guys are awesome… Very easygoing and non judgmental. Breaking the bad news with a bit of humor, always helps. Good job.

  23. Any truck drivers here that have had a hip replaced and have gone back to work? How are you doing at your job?

  24. How about windsurfing, kiteboarding, wing foiling? Good video. Thanks! Mike, It apparent that you’re just getting started with presentations so just a little advice to become more engaging. Don’t cross your arms while you’re talking. It’s very "closed off" body language. Thanks again. Cheers!

  25. What about curling , sliding with a stabilizer?
    What about touch football or flag football?
    what about being a referee , organized sports ?

  26. I do not agree with a lot of these don’ts – you can’t squat? – as a professional trainer WITH a total hip replacement – a compound movement at a reasonable weight and possibly not too deep would be highly beneficial. machine based and only light weight – total nonsense.

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