Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY

Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY

Ben Bruno is the man behind some of the best bodies in Hollywood, including Kate Upton and Jessica Biel. He walks TODAY’s Al Roker and guest co-host Jaimie Alexander through a typical day’s diet for his clients. He says egg yolks are actually good for you: the egg white trend is a thing of the past!
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Trainer To The Stars Reveals How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity | TODAY


  1. He first said the salad had an oil based dressing , then said no to creamy dressings, vinaigrette’s , or oils . did y’all catch that ?

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  4. I can tell that woman is nervous hungry and in the end trying to pretend she eats fast food. that weird body shape. eating disorder alert. yeap.

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  6. This guy is a trainer for the celebrities? He sucks! I’m glad the tall lady kept on intercepting.

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  9. Consume cold cuts and ice cream…3:00.. There are people who like meals, and there are those who are vegan, and that is their own choice. I can sense she’s nervous, hungry, and attempting to pretend she consumes fast food.

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  15. No to processed foods especially coldcuts.. Cut sugar its spikes the blood and insulin.

  16. I hate when people are asked to come on a show and tell you something really awesome – and then they rush them through the time they were given to do so. I just hate it.

  17. I don’t know if that woman is still a host but I found her invasively annoying! Stop trying to upstage everyone – you are still not as interesting as they are!

  18. 3:00. Eat cold cuts and ice cream???? I’m surprised he said that since cold cuts are said to be one of the worst foods to eat. And, everyone knows that ice cream is a dessert.

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  24. I haven’t really learned much from this….he only talks about the foods but what about the rest?

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